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Healthy Detachment

I have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to the notion of detachment many years ago, although it is not until recently that I have truly been able to effectively use it to serve me in my interactions with others.

As I mentioned in my last blog, there have been situations where people who had less than pure motives have come into my inner circle and I could recognize it was not the healthiest thing for me.  My hope for 2010 is to allow that to occur less and in the past 31 days, I am pretty pleased with my level of conscious awareness toward that end.

I realized that the emotional attachment that naturally occurs with people in our inner circles can influence my ability to clearly see the situation.  I concluded that I was not paying enough attention as I was participating in this living life experience fully.  I found an interesting balance between being detached enough to observe, while also participating!  I was not sure that the two could be done together, but it appears indeed they can. 

Let me see if I can better explain.  We often become so immersed in our day-to-day, that we aren’t able to step back to fully assess situations with a clear heart and mind.  We automatically do things without thinking and this often includes our interactions with others.  I have spent the last few weeks realigning my ducks (re-evaluating priorities and setting some goals consistent with them) and it has proved to be a grounding and centering time.  With that has come a clearer head and heart from which to observe my surroundings.

I am present, actively engaged in the moment and interestingly enough, also far enough removed that I can observe the moments.  I can more clearly see the larger picture while participating in the smaller one.  Emotionally, I am not attached to outcomes and I am not even really trying to anticipate or predict how interactions will go.  I find this to be a liberating and unencumbered way to navigate my world so far, and I also find that I am more open to new interactions and experiences as a result. 

I also find that I am also more able to send positive energies to those who need it and find myself more easily doing things with more joy, love and compassion.  Who would have thought that detaching would actually lead to a higher level of emotional experience?  I certainly would not have!


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