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Crow Medicine

Well, it appears that the crow continues to follow me around the past couple of weeks.  I have dealt with those that I needed to deal with and resolved the best I could the unresolved.  I felt good about doing so and am definitely moving foward in this life.  I seem to be moving forward with a nice enough guy, but am clearly struggling with incorporating someone new into my everyday world.

Crow medicine tells us to speak and be our inner truths.  To have integrity and to be steadfast in saying what is in our hearts.  I really feel like I am doing this, but am not sure what the crow is up to lately.  I came from a doctor’s appointment today to a store to buy a new hose.  The doctor I have been seeing for a little over three years to manage a pump I had implanted that helps to better manage my symptoms of Primary Lateral Sclerosis.  The office has decided to contract out their pump management and there are several glitches.  One of the glitches is that I would have to change my insurance plan, change all of my doctors so that I can have a contract agency manage my pump refills from home.  The costs involved in the switch are ridiculous and I feel certain I am not alone in my resistance to change all of my other doctors as a result of a new plan.  At any rate, I was pretty clear that I felt a referral to another option, other than the in home agency, was warranted.   I spoke my mind, shared that changing my health care plan was unreasonable to ask for one service.

But, I pull up into a parking spot at Big Lots, and there was a crow cawing at me from a post in the parking lot.  I cannot think of a single area of my life where I am not speaking and being my truth with integrity.  I am, in fact, working very diligently on this.  2009 was the year of the bully in my world and I have resolved 2010 to no longer allow that into my inner world. 

The crow may be asking me to rethink the way I am going about this resolution?  Maybe I could be doing so without any asides or commentary in my head about the people who are no longer in my immediate world?  I am not sure, but one thing I do know is that the crow has chosen me and is present to teach me something.  Crow is also revered as the guardian of sacred law.  Crow insists that all levels of truth and justice be integrated–not just societal versions.  Perhaps there is an inner truth I am denying or not allowing to be a part of my truth today?

For now, I will honor my crow appearences and be open to crow’s message!


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