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Happy Spring!

Wow, today epitomized what we often think of when we think of spring!  New beginnings, rebirth, the celebration of growth and the appreciation of life!  Today for me couldn’t have been more perfect!

I began my day with a short dog walk with both of my boys and then took my very wise and insightful dog Duke to our amazing Honeymoon Island to volunteer for our local rescue for the Humane Society’s Mutt Strutt.  Wonderful energy surrounding this event and the venue always counters any human ick energy lurking around!  It makes for a wonderful event and Duke had a blast!

We came home to get some real work done, which involved grading assignments for my three personality theory courses–some very insightful students I have and I hope that I was able to facilitate their learning and growth with my feedback.  While I worked, I also took breaks to see the sunshine outside and the March Madness happening with the NCAA tourney!

My lily trinity (I have three lilies lined up beautifully) awaits the last two to bloom and the warmth of the day was welcomed after such a long cold spell here in FL. 

I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few months and rode my bike to our meeting place!  I came home from there and walked my boys down by the water to watch what was an amazing sunset!  Living here, such a short jaunt from the Gulf of Mexico is certainly a blessing!

I worked a little bit more and then lit a fire in my firepit–the first since our long cold spell and I really missed my fires!  Since it is the first day of spring, I decided to do a little ritual to burn away thoughts and feelings that were no longer necessary and then to burn those that better serve me as a way of affirming them.

The sliver of the moon and the stars around her are shining brightly in the new spring sky!  Seriously, I could not script a more beautiful day, nor could I imagine how much gratitude I could possibly feel for having been able to truly appreciate as much of it as I could!

Yesterday, I fully acknowledged the crow’s message and I realize the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for spring!  Today there is a freedom of spirit and a lightness of heart that I didn’t notice was missing in the past several weeks.  On our walk toward the setting sun, there were crows flying in large numbers overhead toward the southwest.  It is my hope that I remain true to the messages of the crow and am honored to have him as a guide through this part of my journey! 

Happy Spring!  May you all be inspired by the beauty that surrounds you to create even more beauty in your life!


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