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Love and Compassion MLK Day

Through the Eyes of Love and Compassion

When we look through the eyes of love and compassion, we see only the highest potential of others. We see capacity for good and potential for making positive differences in this life and in the world.

Through these eyes, we do not see a physical person standing before us or sitting in the car next to us at a stop light.  We do not see what they are driving, wearing, or what piercings or tattoos they may have.  We see no skin color, no sexual orientation, nor pedigree.

When we are seeing through these eyes, we do not need a background check, a dossier, credit score, annual income report, nor do we care how they live.

Through the eyes of love and compassion, we see the eyes and heart of another human being.  We see wholeness, although we might also see pain from past wounds or current struggles.

We may also sense their desires and perhaps their desire to harm us, but our eyes of love and compassion focus instead on their capacity for loving and compassionate action.  We honor their potential to move beyond whatever pain we sense from them.

We honor their capacity for love to overcome their fear to become a vital force in this life.  The eyes of love and compassion find honor in another human even when others have deemed them broken.

These eyes are allowing us to see with the heart—or maybe more accurately they allow us to see from the soul.  We see that love transcends all deeds, all behaviors—for ourselves as well as for others.

Love does not see a soul in terms of gender, age, race, ethnicity, nationality or color.  It does not see social status, financial status or rap sheets.

This vision—the ability to clearly see the wholeness and greatness in another being—was once Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision.  With a boldness of spirit and infinite courage, Dr. King forged the path toward a unity of all.

What or who among us has stood so tall and so firmly since his death?  His work was the beginning and great strides have been made since his time, but we have more work to do to honor ourselves and this great man’s vision.

Dr. King saw others through the eyes of love and compassion.  He did not know hatred or fear because of this, and his stand was his purpose and was something he died trying to fulfill.

The eyes of love and compassion do not know of the concepts of hatred or fear.  These eyes know that love and compassion will diffuse all fear and leave no room for hatred.  Love transcends everything.

Pure love sees a human being stripped of all external masks and ego defenses, and seeks only to illuminate the capacity of pure love residing within us all.

Pure love unites, cooperates and elevates each of us when we tap into it.  It bridges divides, heals all wounds and motivates us to live freely and fully while loving others into living freely and fully as well.  It contagiously liberates us from the confines of fear.  If you have ever been seen by the loving and compassionate eyes of someone, you know how powerful this can be.

Once you are seen, then your eyes tend to see with love and compassion, then those you see begin to see others with love and compassion.  It is a ripple effect of sorts, but in the process, the original pure love is exponentially expanding itself and as a result, the potential and capacity for this love expands within each of us.

Can we continue to hold Dr. King’s vision as our own?  Can we practice seeing everyone we come in contact with or see on the news with these eyes of love and compassion?  I can think of no better way to honor, liberate and expand our own potential than by trying to honor, liberate and expand the potential of everyone around us!


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  1. Well said Tawny!


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