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Generally, I wouldn’t respond or think to respond if someone else called me a dumbass.  I am pretty sure being referred to as an idiot or a dumbass isn’t all that appropriate coming from someone else?  Then why is it ok when I call myself by such names? 

Last week when I was driving home from running errands, I noticed something new about the dialogue in my head.  Rather than my usual, “hey dumbass…”, I actually got, “well, honey…”.  This “honey” really got my attention and then made me laugh aloud, alone, driving in my car the rest of the way home. 

It’s ok if you don’t want to admit that you have these experiences or maybe you aren’t aware that you have a running dialogue in your own head—it really isn’t something that we openly discuss.  We all have our unique versions of self-talk and what I notice is that even when mine is generally positive, I tend to slip an “idiot” or “dumbass” into the mix.

I have never thrown in a “honey” but I did start to pay more attention at that moment in time.  The very next day, I threw back in my personal favorite of “dumbass” and noticed it really wasn’t necessary for the situation.  I was again driving somewhere and am sure I did one of my more absent-minded tricks, which certainly isn’t cause for name-calling. 

Is there really ever a cause for name-calling?  I am pretty sure, as a general rule, that I don’t call people derogatory names.  It simply isn’t nice.  I don’t tolerate anyone else calling me names, either.  Clearly, I am a hypocrite of sorts and have a double standard. 

Since I really got a kick out of calling myself “honey,” I think I am trying to pay more attention to any occasion that might have been a cause for “dumbass” and will see how replacing that goes.  I also chuckle at the thought of being called “darlin’” and “sweetie,” so perhaps I will incorporate those too!


Comments on: "Do you answer to dumbass?" (4)

  1. Somehow I missed this post, hmmm. What a great idea to sweet talk yourself…..and myself, I’m gonna do it too 😀 I’ve only been name-called a couple times by others, and boy did it ouch. Hadn’t ever thought about the effect of doing it to myself until reading this, and you’re so right! We all do it, might as well be nice.


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