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There are things that happen in our lives that have the potential to change them forever.  Sometimes these are very positive events and sometimes they are not seen as quite so positive at the time they occur.  Some are big and get our attention, while others are smaller.

What do we do with these potentially life changing events?  Do we resist them and refuse to do anything differently?  Perhaps we go with the flow of the events and wait to see what happens on the other side of them?  Do we even notice them at all sometimes?

Everything we do, from the mundane to the grander things, has the potential to change the path we choose for our lives.  Some we have control over and some we do not necessarily have any control, but we do have control over what happens next.  

What if we could take the life-changing event, as it is occurring, and empower ourselves to determine what happens next?  Could we take the event and our awareness that it could initiate a positive change in our lives and move forward to create what that positive change would look like?

I think we can, but I am not sure I always believed it was possible.  I certainly could not verbalize this possibility because I was more focused on the limitations or barriers any event in my life had created.

I see now that those limitations were really where my focus was—I could not see past them because that was where my energy was directed.  When my short-term efforts to make changes failed, I used that as evidence that I had no control over making positive changes.  My result was more limitations.

I now know that I can write my own story from here—I get to pick characters, the story line, and my favorite part, the ending, to each chapter of my life.  It all starts with a vision or an image of what you would like to see happen on a new path or within a new chapter of your life. 

If you want drama, you can create drama.  If you want more love, you can create that.  If you want some mystery or excitement, you can create that too!  Of course if you would like more misery or self-pity, you can create that too if you would like.  You are in control of your story from this present moment forward.

If you can hold onto that vision, you can then decide how to proceed.  You make each decision with the intention consistent with your story line, always with your chapter ending in mind. 

Even the seemingly little decisions in your life have to match up for this to really be effective.  Because you created it, you can also decide to change it again!  If one chapter does not work out as you had hoped, then start a new one and tweak a few things.





Comments on: "Creating what happens next" (4)

  1. James Thurber is a favorite writer of mine. His favorite author was S.J. Perlman.
    They are both masters of the short story (with a bonus lesson or two) without
    preaching (an art in itself).
    Their material is most likely somewhat dated, but their styles and humor are ageless.
    You might find them interesting –

    The world is your oyster


  2. the ability to tweak our own lives is far under-rated !


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