Sharing the lessons along the way…

Are you ready to edit?

Have you “edited” your own life story yet?  I thought it would be good to talk a little bit more about what this means and how it can really benefit us in the long run…

If you have read the last year of blog posts, you can clearly see that I was trying to edit it along the way and had some success.  More kept unfolding making it challenging to keep up all the way through the experience, however.

Life happens that way sometimes.  The life-changing events continue to unfold and before we know it, we are stressed out, anxious, depressed, or otherwise launched back into survival mode. 

For me, it was the increase in pain intensity that interrupted my process.  For you, it could be an overly busy schedule, obligations or any number of things interrupting your ability to productively share and process your experiences.

I am using the word “process” synonymously with “editing” in this context.  When we process our thoughts and feelings productively by sharing them (either aloud or on paper), we begin the editing process.

It really is that simple.

Once it comes out of your head and into your journal or out of your mouth to a trusted someone in productive sharing, it begins to change form. 

As I have mentioned in prior blog posts, the thoughts and feeling associated with the past situation lose their power. 

You stop feeding those thoughts and feelings when you are actively looking for ways to better deal with them. You can only begin to see the lessons and benefits from the experiences if you choose to look for them.  This is what I am referring to with productive sharing.

The editing process is really just a shift in your perception of the past.  By choosing to make this shift, you free up your mind to be in the present. 

We cannot truly be present when we hold on to our experiences’ perceptions.  We also cannot truly create what we would like in the future when we are carrying around the outdated story of our lives.

Remember that we filter what happens right now, in the present, with whatever our perception of the past has been. 

Keeping that in mind, perhaps you can think of an example of a time when you entered into a new situation with new people.  Ask yourself a few of these questions about it:

Did what you carried into the experience relate to the new experience or to your past experiences that were similar in some way?  How was your behavior, thoughts or feelings colored by the unedited past?  

Did you get to enjoy the new experience and the new people or were you constantly waiting for it to unfold as past situations have for you?  Did you become the victim?  Did you become the bully because you felt like a potential victim?

Your answers will give you an idea about just how much our unedited perceptions of the past can influence everything we do.

The editing process truly moves you from being a victim into being an empowered person with the power to choose how you will create your future. 

If there is no editing, then the victim remains your present and future experiences.  Anger and fear from victimhood will color even the best of opportunities if we choose to allow it.

Now are you ready to do it? 

When you decide that it is time, start small and begin editing smaller negative experiences from your life story, then move to the larger ones.  Soon, you will be caught up and living your empowered life in the present! 



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