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So far, Fear has been center stage in Acts I and II, and now it is time to take a brief intermission before we get to the closing act of the Fear Series. This intermission time can be very well spent working toward the idea of becoming cooperative partners with Fear.

The dream I had last year gave me a wonderful visual of how to sit down and amicably learn to better understand my fear.  It occurred to me that perhaps a visual might be helpful for you as well, so I have decided to record a brief guided imagery exercise to help you to get started. 

Before you listen, I would like for you to think of a time when you met up with someone for lunch or coffee after having made a connection with them at a previous time.  You are meeting to catch up and to get to know your new friend better and to learn more about him or her. 

The purpose of having tea or coffee with your fear is very much the same. If fear still has a scary or darkness surrounding it for you, it might help to visualize it as a young child or perhaps an elderly person, so that it takes on a persona that is less intimidating. 

Remember, in order to work cooperatively with our fear, we have to find a way to let go of the adversarial, competitive view we have carried with us for so long.  It is my hope that this exercise will help.

When you are ready, click on the link below to access the recording.  Plan on taking about 10 minutes (the recording is 9 minutes) and see if you can visualize having tea with your new friend!

I am very excited about doing this and hope you will share your thoughts—positive and negative—about your experiences with the guided imagery exercise.

Relax and enjoy your tea time with your new friend, Fear.



Comments on: "Fear: Intermission Exercise" (5)

  1. Outstanding !!!

    made me want to take fear for a walk on the beach !

    you might want to give “Tea in the Sahara” by the Police a listen, . . .


  2. luvallbeings said:

    This exercise cuts pretty deep and was a good way to trace back where fear entered my life and why. The details as to some of where it may have come from is a little too intimate to share here but I have uncovered that it has been like an old friend that I can rely on again and again for protection and a reason to withdraw for safety. Protection and safety from so many things it seems and am still figuring out all of how that was or is helpful as I work on overcoming certain fears now.

    The more I journey back into the past with fear, the more I realize it has been with me for a very long time, maybe even right out of the womb! I am not yet feeling compassion for fear as it has prevented much growth and opportunities along the way for me so I have been more in the mode of stay the hell away from me rather than having it over for tea. But I did welcome and allow myself to feel the exercise fully so I may embark on a new relationship with it to call on it as a reminder of where I now want to take myself on the journey ahead.

    I am now working towards changing my perspective towards how I feel about fear and I realize it has been like that bad relationship you keep going back to or addiction that lures you again and again into a web of staying stuck from fear. Fear of pushing forward to a higher potential, being vulnerable and allowing myself to take risks.

    I could go on and on about this subject but will wrap it up here. Either way, it was indeed helpful and you did an awesome job on the audio, so proud you conquered that! You came across very genuine as expected and it can only grow from here, so full speed ahead, Tawny! Looking forward to the final act 🙂


    • Hi Nina,
      Thank you for sharing your experience with intermission! I am glad it was a helpful tool to remind you of where your relationship to fear began. I think you might begin to enjoy a new relationship with fear. Thank you for the kudos on the techie stuff–was so very proud of myself. 😉


  3. Good Job Tawny!


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