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Why THE Tawny?

I do not think anyone has ever asked me why “The Tawny” is the name of my blog, which surprises me a little bit.  Since Tawny is a color, one might guess that I am using that to mean something related?  Perhaps since Tawny is my name, you might think I find myself that important that I prefer to have the article “the” in front of my name?  Maybe you think that I think I am one of a kind, and therefore am The Tawny as opposed to simply Tawny?

The truth is that “The Tawny” came about in a relatively silly and innocuous way in 2009.  Even though I have tried very hard to stop this habit, I continue to add a “the” in front of all sorts of things.  I say, “the television,” “the Publix,” “the Walgreens,” and the just about the everything.  The only one that it happens to be correct for is The Home Depot and perhaps they too had a similar issue. Interestingly enough, I do say “Home Depot” rather than The Home Depot.

Some have said this is a hillbilly thing and since I am from WV and am indeed a hillbilly, perhaps there is some truth to that.  My dad doesn’t do it, nor does my brother, although my step-mom does tend to add a “the” to her store names.  I had never noticed until I was trying so hard to curb this need to add a “the” to things a few years ago.

The Tawny

On my birthday in 2009, a few of my friends got together and they gave me some presents.  The envelope on my friend Dawn’s card to me said “The Tawny.”  It is the only envelope I have ever put on my refrigerator, and it was still there until recently.  I loved it and it was perfect.  I chuckled every time I saw it hanging there. 

In the early months of 2010, I was looking for something to help me to become a more disciplined writer, so I decided to start a new blog.  I had blogged back in 2006-2007 on Yahoo360 when blogging was pretty new, and I don’t recall having to name it.  When you start one these days, you have to name it.  The Tawny is what I decided to name it, and I thought it worked perfectly. 

So, that is the story behind the name.  Did you ever wonder about it? 



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  1. Cute, heartwarming and funny. A nice little glimpse of the “real” Tawny for those not as privileged as I am to know you personally.


  2. I ‘did’ wonder about it, chalking it up to why they call The Ohio Stat University, which I don’t know why. lol but that’s a cool little story, and I like ‘the’ story. actually, have you noticed many spanish speakers do that, too? They do!! ; )


  3. Hey The! It’s a Darras. Hope you don’t mind me calling you by your first name. By the way if you are from West by God Virginia you are a “Hoopie”, Not a Hillbilly. Hillbillies are from Pennsylvania. Hillbilly is reference to William Penn. Hoopie is reffering to the main industry in W Va in the 1700s barrel hoop making. PeaceOut


  4. I wonder about the name every time I read a blog post of yours. Finally a few weeks ago, while trying to create my own blog, decided it must be some functionality within the blog site that automatically inserts ‘The’ in front of a blog name. Figures that after a couple years of pondering my own ideas, and deciding on one, you tell us the reason 🙂


  5. luvallbeings said:

    You finally answered that burning question! I always wanted to ask you why THE Tawny. Never got around to asking though. I have to admit at first I did think maybe you thought you were that important to call yourself that but in a mocking way, jokingly and on the sarcastic side so I thought that was all good land funny land it fit lol.
    What a cool story behind the name! That Dawn S. Carney is GR8! I love neat little stories like that. Remind me to tell you about a recent one too, kinda dorky though! 🙂


  6. Actually you were one of the first people I met when I started my blog and I was just getting used to this name thing – both for blogs and the user name. I just figured it was what you wanted people to know you as – and I associated it with a beautiful, gentle color. It felt perfect for you. I felt a little awkward calling you Thetawny but hey, whatever you like, I can be good with. 🙂 And it is pretty.


  7. Anonymous said:

    This is something I’ve often wondered about but never asked because I didn’t want to appear too nosy or ask a dumb question. It is so ironic (to me) that you are addressing this since only a couple weeks ago I came to my conclusion about your blog title. The progression to my (inaccurate, lol) conclusion over time was…Why is she referring to herself in third person? Why isn’t it just “Tawny’s Blog”? Maybe it’s a play on the color reference of ‘Tawny’. What brought her to that name? Why is she referring to herself in third person??? Finally a few weeks ago, when I was ‘arguing’ with Blogspot while trying to come up with a blog name, I decided it must be a thing with WordPress that automatically puts ‘The’ in front of a blog name. And that was that, question answered, lol, until now you tell us 🙂 So, thanks for clarifying so I won’t be distracted anymore reading your blogs!!!


  8. From this moment forth I will be known as The Greg. Although Greg Depot could work too. 😀


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