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Back to Basics

I know I am not the only human out there who tends to complicate my life to the point where I forget the simpler things in life.  Am I?

Sometimes I find myself caught up with the running drama inside my head, and some of the first things to go are my basic self-care tasks.  These include quality sleep, consistent and proper nutrition, regular exercise, meditative practices, substantive social interactions, quality “me” time, and quality time with my dogs.

These self-care basics in my life help to keep me grounded.  Chronic pain has interfered with the entire list.  I have been sleep deprived for so long that slowing down the running drama in my head and staying centered has become even more challenging.

I am frustrated by the lack of help the pain management doctors have provided, and frustrated by my own inability to find better strategies to manage/work with my pain.  The tools that were once easy to do are not working for me.  This type of pain also isn’t responding as well to the same methods I used in my wheelchair days either.

I wondered whether I am complicating all of this and if there isn’t a solution somewhere right in front of me.  In the past week alone, I have had several conversations with friends, clients and strangers about keeping it simple or about the beauty in simplicity. 

After these conversations, I started to look at what I have complicated and looked at the things I could simplify.  What are some of the other simple things I have done in the past that helped me in spite of pain or other external circumstances outside of my control?  How can I adjust/modify/build upon the old simple activities to compensate for or to better manage my pain?

Epiphanies are so much fun for me lately!  I put the questions out there and the answers show up!

While pain and other situations out of my control are interfering with my ability to meet my basic self-care needs, there are simple things I can do that may help me to compensate for things the pain is disrupting.  I simply have to keep trying and get more creative.

Fire with my dogs.

I was reminded of three of these in the past week alone.  Earlier in the week, I played in the dirt of my garden while searching for sweet potatoes.  There is something so healing about sitting in a pile of dirt and digging through it with my bare hands. 

Today was the first morning cool enough to have a fire in my fire pit, so the dogs and I enjoyed a small sunrise fire.  Staring at a fire has always been very meditative for me.  After that, I drove us to walk along the causeway to be near the water for their morning walk.  The water calls me sometimes and just seeing it often makes me feel a sense of relief.

Pretty simple stuff, isn’t it?  These simple things helped me to be centered, more present and aware again, even with the continued sleep deprivation and pain.  Writing was about the only effective tool for me in recent months,so I am happy to grow the list a bit longer.

Dunedin Causeway with my dogs.

Are you feeling the need to simply?  Are you able to meet your basic self-care needs?  What are some of your simple things that keep you grounded and centered?

Please share yours because they may help the rest of us grow our own lists even longer!  I don’t think this list can be too long.  😉


Comments on: "Back to Basics" (4)

  1. aww woman i love you. playing in the dirt always helps me too. being barefoot on earth is huge as well (tho you’ve got them krazy fire ants so stay alert! :D) i love that you’re refocusing on the “here and now” things – your strength continues to be awe inspiring. i do reiki when my chi starts to get all fuzzy and gooberish. i know a great shaman who works remotely if you’re inclined for energy healins’. love you to & the pups xo!


    • I love you Nikki! I do reiki on my dogs too as part of my “basics” because I seem to be able to focus on them faster and easier than on myself (although I didn’t realize this until after reading your comment). Thank you for reading and for commenting! xo


  2. Like you Tawny, my things are Earth related….playing in the dirt, or really any sort of yard work, and parks (preferably if you can’t hear traffic). Walking trails is a really good one, even if only far enough in to sit on a log and be. And definitely the Ocean, my soul loves to be near the sea. It’s one of few things I don’t like about Tallahassee. Been having some real trouble with that ‘stillness’ you wrote about recently…these days to the point where just about the time I’m finally starting to fall asleep, I jolt back into awareness with a feeling of panic and fear. Of course I blame it entirely on the lack of water nearby. There are some lakes, but it doesn’t feel the same. Am hoping some other folks will share on this post so I can maybe learn some new things to try too. 🙂


    • Hi T,
      Nature is so very helpful–in any form really. Sunday, I was trying to touch on all four elements–fire, water, earth and wind. When I came to Florida, I longed for hiking to the top of a mountain (hill technically) and wasn’t sure how I would get along without it. Then I found the Gulf of Mexico! Perhaps as you get more comfortable in your new space, you will find your replacement for the ocean for now? I still love the hills, but am not ready to leave the water anytime soon. You are embarking on a new chapter of your life up there and believe it or not, you may find your stillness in your running. Running can be very meditative (or it was for me)! Let me know what you think of the next blog. hugs


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