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Five Lessons from the Fog

Finding your way through the unknown isn’t unlike traveling in fog.  You know how fog makes it impossible to see that far ahead, but once you keep moving forward, you can see clearly where you are?

This morning, I walked my dogs in a very dense fog.  People were popping out of nowhere, car headlights were visible only when they were 100 yards away, and I had no idea what was up ahead.  I kept trying to capture it with my phone camera and became fascinated by what it looked like both in front of me and behind me.

Then I got to thinking about how looking right in front of me to see more clearly isn’t such a bad thing.  After all, it keeps me grounded, centered and in the moment. 

No matter how much I try to anticipate and plan for what is around the corner, or on the other side of a hurdle in my life, it isn’t ever what I expected. 

All the energy I expend trying to feel more in control by “preparing” seems a waste once the fog clears.  It didn’t serve me this morning to get too far ahead of myself in the fog, and it certainly doesn’t in life either.

Life situations will pop up seemingly out of nowhere just like the people and cars this morning in the fog.  We make decisions and can never really be sure if the path we choose will take us where we thought it would.  But it is really ok. 

Here are some things that I think will help me through the dense fog of the unknown to come.  Perhaps they can help you too.

  1. Focus on the present moment.  If I keep my eyes focused on what is right in front of me, I can see clearly.
  2. Take it one step at a time.  As I keep moving forward steadily, what was once foggy becomes clear.
  3. Trust in my ability to cope.  I trust that I have time and ability to deal with whatever pops up along the way.
  4. Believe I am not alone.  This morning I had my dogs, who weren’t bothered at all by the fog, but I also have wonderful friends and family who can help me through whatever pops up.
  5. Know that the fog will eventually clear.  Fog never lasts all day, so knowing that along the way, what was unknown will become clearer and known, sure is helpful.

What do you do to help you through what seems like the dense fog of the unknown?  When you take a leap into unchartered waters, what keeps you afloat?



Comments on: "Five Lessons from the Fog" (13)

  1. Somehow i already answered your question ? Check out my comment on ‘Crystal Balls, warranties, and tomorrow’, which i just finished writing. Kind of makes a good point about time, when i have answered – in the future – before i even read the past.
    It’s my nature to take the proverbial leap.
    This is not without having done all my research first and assuring the most favorable (to me) results possible.
    Hopefully you can see from my comments, that i am a scientist, yet – i do believe that a higher plane of existence is there for us. It’s not for everyone, but it gets me through the fog and past the worst of times and even overrides the fear mechanism.


    • I am still formulating a thoughtful reply to your crystal ball comment. I am loving your comments, so far…I love it when someone makes me think more fully/deeply about something I am already jostling around! More responses to come later in the day! Thank you so much Kat!


    • It is so interesting to see your comments as you are finding me coming back to similar themes or struggles. I continue to be in awe of my ability to work through those one “level” or layer at a time. When I revisit it and write about it again…a deeper understanding emerges.


  2. Fog becomes focus – not just of space but also a moment in time. Which you have framed for us with a silvery lining – i like it. Or as Karen Blixen aka Isak Dinesen put it ” I think that the world was made round – so that we – could not see – too far ahead.” Pretty great that you had Duke and More to share that moment.


  3. Surrendering to life and allowing it happen….works for me every time!


  4. Thank you and thank you for reading!


  5. great insight and all so true in the journey called life…


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