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Grateful for statistics?

Many of you may not know this, but WordPress has a stats feature.  It tells me how many times my blog has been viewed, which blog, etc.  I really appreciate the stats feature, and I do like to watch the numbers go up after I post a new blog.

I would like to increase the number of readers, but most who blog do.  I do not spend much time talking about the stats and certainly have not talked about it in a blog.

Today, as we close out Thanksgiving month, I want to talk about it because I am very grateful that you are with me to share in this life journey.

While I am perfectly happy if only one person reads my blog and gets something from it to apply to their own life, I am genuinely and humbly thrilled when more of you do.  My schedule the past couple of months has allowed me to explore some other options to get my blog more “out there.” 

facebook like button

(Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

One of the biggest things I did in October was to create a Facebook page that corresponds to this blog.  I am hopeful more of you will take the time to click that like box over there to the right of what you are reading, or look up The Tawny on Facebook to “like” it.

(No, not that one silly, the one farther over to the right and down just a bit.)

October 2012 was the highest read month (by a landslide) since I started this blog in 2010—at least until November happened.  I did not do anything much this month to increase subscribers, Facebook “likes” or blog traffic.  Except for one thing

While waiting for my tea to brew one morning this week, I sleepily shared my latest “When I see you, I see me” blog on Reddit.  Hundreds of people read it rather quickly, so I thought the stats counter had broken when I checked it later the same day. 

Image representing Reddit as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

It was so fun to watch in the stats, that I posted “It’s ALL Arbitrary” a couple of days later (just yesterday).  There was a similar jump in the stats.

The November monthly totals aren’t all in since we have some hours to go, but November 2012 has already spanked the record-setting October views—by hundreds.  November has set the new daily record, and this week set a ridiculously high weekly record with still two more days to go.

This has been a particularly challenging week for me, but I have not had to look far to find some bright spots.  Among the many bright spots include my blog having set these records. 

I say all of that so that I can humbly thank you for contributing to it.  I hope to keep sharing my insights and lessons for quite some time, and I hope you will keep reading and sharing my blog. 


Please take a moment to subscribe via email, if you haven’t already.  This way you will not miss any of my posts.  If you are someone who does not use Linked In, Facebook or Twitter very often, subscribing is a great alternative.



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