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Is FB really a villain?

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I want to talk about Facebook.  Yep, Facebook.  (No, I am not out of material to blog about, I swear.)  Facebook gets bad reviews from some folks, other folks live for it, and still other folks have had to stop using it this past year.

I see the potential for misuse—that was crystal clear during the election this year.  I see the potential for abuse and obsession with it too—I know people who spend more time on Facebook than they do with real humans.  I understand that it can be a time-suck too—it probably accounts for as much lost productivity at work than anything else.

But I still find the potential benefits and value of Facebook outweigh anything that anyone (or me) can say negative about it.  If I don’t like your over-posting or negative posting behavior, I hide you from my newsfeed and check in on you manually. 

It does not mean I dislike you or that you aren’t still my friend.  If I find myself spending too much time on Facebook, then I simply spend less time on it.  Problems easily resolved.  Now I can share why I think it is so valuable.

I have many positive pages in my newsfeed.  I like to be inundated with positive in as many places as I can.  It inspires me; it uplifts me and sometimes is just what I need to hear/see.  Because that is what I like to see when I sign on to Facebook, it tends to be what I post as well.  I also share my blog posts with my friends using Facebook.  I want to be a beacon of light in your life and not a contributor of darkness.

I was taught early in my life that if I had nothing positive to say, that I should say nothing at all.  I honor that, particularly in the social media world.  Anytime I have not honored this anywhere in my life, it has not served me well anyway.

The biggest reason I find so much value in Facebook is that it allows me to reconnect with so many “long lost” people from my world.  Chapters and chapters of my life story are represented on my friend and family lists.  I love that!

I love that so many memorable people from my life are right here, at my virtual fingertips, no matter where they are in the world.  In the virtual world, you are all right here in my office with me.  I get to share in your lives as much as you get to share in mine. 

Facebook to me is a win-win-win.  I am grateful it allows me to feel closer to family and friends I miss seeing.  Facebook even helps me to feel closer to my friends who are right here in town since I get out and about less since the surgeries.

So, yep, I blogged about Facebook.  I am positively grateful for it.  If you aren’t, just wait until your birthday, and it will rekindle those fond feelings.  😉

Do you have any strong feelings one way or the other about Facebook?  How do you make social media sites work for you in your life?


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  1. Been thinking about this post for some time. I’d never thought much about FB either way except that it was fun to see what folks were up to, and what they had to say. I do find that when there are tons of negative posts on my wall, I can get sucked in, and end up feeling bad. So, like you, I’ve learned to take some folks out of my feed, and keep the ones that feel good to me. I learned how to hide the game posts I don’t like, and channel the ones I do to their own list so I only have to see them when I want to. It’s much better, especially since I started catching myself getting ‘judgy’ and sometimes angry, about what people do or don’t post. My final take is that FB is subjective. What works for me might not be the same as what someone else wants to get out of their FB experience, so who am I to say what they should or shouldn’t do or post. Same with frequency, I’ve had people look down their nose at me because they think people should only go on FB once a month, or once a day….and it’s ok. For me, FB has enabled me to find old friends from when I was three years old and up, and even family who I’d lost contact with. Recently found a friend I had lost for over 20 years! And even if I had found these people another way the contact might be limited to the occasional phone call. Thanks to FB I can have regular contact with friends and family in real time, and see pictures!!! So, even though there are some downfalls, for me, FB is a wonderful tool 🙂


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