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The Tawny’s Birthday Wish

The wishing moment.

The wishing moment.

Today is my 42nd birthday.  I am not sure that I had a birthday wish until I was faced with blowing out a birthday candle while my friends were singing happy birthday to me yesterday.  Because I don’t believe in the superstition that my wish won’t come true if I share it, I want to share it with you.

If I had only one wish, it would be that we each move just one step closer to love, and just one step farther away from fear in the upcoming year.I would want us all to stop being afraid that there isn’t enough of what we think we need, and to remember that we have everything we need.

I would want us to love just a bit more than we fear, so that we can help one another, even those who are different from us that we might fear from afar.

Just one step farther away from fear and closer to love might look like taking a step back from our belief that our way is the right way, long enough to consider an alternative perspective.

We often fear those that we feel will take something from us that we need, when in reality, there is plenty to go around as long as we all work lovingly together.  We often forget that we get what we give in this life, so it makes sense that if we give more love, then we will get more in return.

Withholding love out of fear only gets us more fear and I wouldn’t wish that for any of us.

Making this shift could just be the step that brings us closer to cooperating and farther away from competing for what we need.  This minor shift may be what helps us to love what is rather than fearing what is unknown or out of our control.

Loving what is keeps us present and living in the now.  Fearing the unknown and what is out of our control removes us from truly living.

Just one step away from fear and one step closer to love is my birthday wish for 2012. Take my hand

Will you take my hand and take these steps with me for the next year?  If you will, I will do my best lead the way.


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