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Are you a Drama Junkie?

I have paid really close attention for the lessons in my living situation.  For several months, I have struggled to find my peaceful center in a place that once was the easiest place to find it—my own home.

My neighbors are loud and spend whatever time they have home together fighting and screaming at each other.

Sunday, as I listened (or tried not to listen) to the yelling, I had a series of thoughts.  The first thought was, “Really?  Again?”  This was followed by, “Wait, haven’t they already had this argument?  Aren’t they tired of playing out this same drama yet?”

While little about living next door to them is predictable, the content of their shouting matches certainly is.  I doubt they realize it is the same basic drama over and over again, however.  Most of us are unable to see it as clearly as the objective, emotionally detached “observer” through the walls can.

What I started to wonder was what drama might the objective observer see playing out in my life?  What about your life?  We all have some drama that we play out somewhere in our lives (likely in more than one area of our lives).

We are the dramatic actors and our lives are the stage.

We are the dramatic actors and our lives are the stage.

Would it make a difference if you knew someone could hear every word of your drama?  Before living next to these folks, I would have believed it would.

In fact, before Sunday, I would have thought so until I started thinking about it a bit more.

It occurred to me that as drama is unfolding again and again, we are that much more caught up in it, that much more attached to the outcome we need from creating it, and everything/everyone else is secondary.

I have been there and while it has been a couple of decades, I remember feeling fully justified in disrupting any innocent bystanders’ peace.

Our dramas become the way we meet our needs.  It becomes all that we know and our only means of meeting that need while we are entrenched within it.

When we become aware that we all create drama in our lives, then we can recognize it.  We can use each time as an opportunity to grow through the drama to avoid creating it quite the same way again.

When we realize that we are empowered enough to meet our needs without creating the drama, then we can move beyond it.

It is my sincerest wish for my neighbors to find such awareness and growth in their own lives.

If you could be the “observer” in your own life, what drama would you see playing out over and over again?


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