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Flu for Thoughts

Happy last day of January 2013!  I last left you with a post about being out of balance.  I am not sure there has ever been a time when I have known I was out of balance, took too long to do what I needed to do to get back into balance, and didn’t end up catching whatever germ was going around.

My body tried to tell me.  I tried to listen, but I didn’t take action soon enough to avoid being overtaken by the many germs and viruses out there.

Sitting here with a secondary upper respiratory infection from the flu, I am looking to see where I could have averted being sick.  I want to say that I had no choice but to continue doing all the things I was doing each week, but in truth, I am sure I did.

The problem was that I didn’t want to make the choices.  I wanted the choices to make themselves because I wasn’t ready to make them.  I can certainly recall numerous times in my life where this has been the case, so now that it has my attention again, I think I want to look further into this pattern.

The best way I know to look further into a behavioral pattern is to figure out what motivates it to begin with.  To do that I have decided to ask myself to honestly answer a list of questions:

  1. Did I not want to make the choice because I didn’t want to disappoint someone?
  2. Did I not want to make the choice because I was resisting it?  If so, what am I resisting?
  3. Was there a clear choice to be made or was there a lot of gray area involved?
  4. Did my “It’ll all work out tomorrow” mindset trip me up again?
  5. Where is the fear coming from and what can I learn from it?

After looking at this situation specifically, I have to follow up and ask:

  1. How is this relatively minor situation similar to some of the larger situations in my life where I have wanted the choices to make themselves?
  2. What timely choice would have begun to restore the balance I had lost?

Fortunately, my consequences for my lack of timely decision-making are small.  In the past, the consequences have packed much more of a punch.

Anyone else out there repeating a similar pattern?  How often do we hear stories of folks staying in jobs because they won’t make a decision about leaving it?  Or how often do we hear stories about people in relationships because they don’t want to be the one to end it?

I am fairly convinced that I am not the only one wishing some decisions would make themselves and I would love to hear how you manage those.  Do share!


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