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Laundromat Boomerang

As I sat down to type up this post, I realized just how many interesting and synchronistic events happen for me at the laundromat.  Two weeks ago was no exception, although on this particular day it began quietly.  At least it was, until a woman came in.  As she was slowly putting her laundry into the washers, she selected some music on her i-phone.

pictograms used by the United States National ...

Pictograms used by the United States National Park Service.

From the other side of the laundromat, all I could hear was this dissonant, static-like noise.  Having had to tolerate a great deal of noise from my neighbors in recent months, this seemed to set me off into a mental tirade of sorts about how inconsiderate people can be.

I tried to redirect my thoughts because I certainly have more considerate people in my life than those who aren’t.  I took a deep breath and tried to send her some loving and compassionate thoughts instead.  I hoped this might help her to tap into her highest self and ultimately to realize that not everyone wanted to hear the racket coming from her phone.

My attempt lasted mere minutes as she kept changing the song selection.  Before I knew it, my thoughts went something like, “Seriously?!  That one sounds even worse than the one before it.  Does she care that we (myself and the couple with the young child) do not wish to listen to her noise?!  All i-phones should come with ear buds…”

Just as I was getting warmed up with my internal diatribe, my train of thought was quickly derailed by the following question:

“What would your highest self do in this situation?”

A bit disconcerted, but wanting to jump back on the tirade train, I thought, “Wait…hold on a second…” and then, “Your highest self isn’t concerned with this trivial nonsense.”

My clothes were in the dryer by this point, and I was completely off the righteous indignation train.  I sent myself an email via a text with those messages and stood there watching my clothes go round and round.  I wasn’t sure what else to do at that point.

Boomerang effect

Boomerang effect (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was certainly humbled and no longer focused on the noises from her i-phone.  There I was, all righteous and indignant, attempting to send love to bring out her highest self when it boomeranged right back at me.

By my standards, my highest self is the person I can be when I operate from a loving place instead of a fearful place.  Righteous or indignant is hardly a loving place!

I folded and hung up my clothes while shaking my head at myself.  I realized at some point in the folding that she had turned off the i-phone music as well.

Is your highest self concerned with trivial nonsense?  How would your highest self proceed in whatever stressors you are facing in your life right now?


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