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Flying the White Flag

white flag bandiera bianca

(Photo credit: portobeseno)

Lately, my mind keeps going back to thoughts like, “everything is temporary” and “consciously surrendering has to be the key” so I would like to share where this thinking led me this morning.

Life is not like a game show where you must come up with a final answer once and then the game is over.

In life, we can always change our answer because our lives are only limited by what we perceive to be our limitations.

Not only do the questions change, but also the answers change.  All things are temporary in real life.  Change is constant—it is the nature of the universe.

Whatever idea we may have about how our lives are supposed to look is inevitably going to change.  At least it should since everything around us is constantly changing, right?

While this can be frustrating for those of us who like to anticipate, control and hold on tightly to our ideas, life really can be viewed as a beautiful flowing work of art in progress.

My life would look much like an incomplete abstract Salvador Dali-like painting.  Some days I am able to see the beauty in the flux of life.  Other days, I find myself attempting to anticipate, control outcomes, fight with what is and become frustrated with the flow.

The Dali Atomicus, photo by Philippe Halsman (...

The Dali Atomicus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I decided to wave the white flag of surrender and cooperate with the flux that is our lives.  I vowed to fight no part of this day.

I took care of most of what I was supposed to take care of and surrendered to all disruptions and interruptions.

I worked with my pain and other physical symptoms and embraced whatever I was feeling at any point in my day.

When I wasn’t doing some part of this, I gently reminded myself that, just for today, I was surrendering, so I was able to fairly quickly bring myself back to it.

For today, I consciously surrendered to what is.  I plan to read this again in the morning and hope to be able to do it again.  This is not my final answer to the topic of surrender—just today’s.


Comments on: "Flying the White Flag" (2)

  1. Libby Stone said:

    Really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing. ☺

    Libby Stone
    Libby Stone, Vice President
    Homeless Emergency Project, Inc.
    P: 727.442.9041 Ext. 115


  2. I really love this one and the way it’s written. The comparison of your life being like a Dali painting with everything swirling around perfectly describes how life is. The connection from the beginning of the blog to the last paragraph bringing it back around to the content of there being no final answers to the game of life brought the point home.

    The constant inflow and outflow of it all, the questions, the answers, the ego’s need to anticipate and control how things should or will unfold is trying sometimes. The impermanence of how we feel from one moment to the next and the what causes it is a puzzle to me.
    I find peace by telling myself everything is happening or not happening the way it is supposed to and not force or resist anything. I hope you found and kept your flow today.


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