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Uh oh, I am an idiot!


Dunce (Photo credit: Candie_N)

If I did nothing else Friday, my goals included going to my primary care doctor’s appointment at 10am and catching up on ALL of my laundry at the laundromat.

My day began by oversleeping because I have not adjusted to the time change (seriously, the sun does not come up until nearly 8am).  It was cold (by FL standards) and I get nowhere fast in the cold.

As a result, the morning was rushed and chaotic.  I made my appointment, and later, I sorted and packed up ALL of my laundry into what I thought was manageable lifting bundles, then went to the laundromat.

As I have shared in a previous blog, many epiphanies and/or synchronicities happen for me at The Mat.  This day was no exception.

Friday, I learned the following:

I am an idiot!!

Before you start being harsh with me for being harsh with myself, let me explain.

I already know taking laundry to The Mat is painful.  Any lifting and twisting hurts, period.  That is why I had so much laundry to begin with.  I am not sure what made me think today was any different.

To add to this knowledge, more than once, a couple of different friends have offered to help me with my laundry.

“I will do your laundry for you…” and “I am always here to help…”

“Thank you, BUT I have too much…I really need to be able to take care of my own stuff…I will figure out how…”

Really, Tawny?!

Midway through the folding-hanging up clothes-dryer game I like to play, I was nearly in tears from the pain.  The dryer game of getting things out at the perfect time to hang, fold, save quarters, etc. was essentially over for me.  I had to stop playing.

When the challenge became not crying before I even got to folding the sheets, I realized just how little I really know about surrender.

I felt like I was the one wearing the dunce hat, yet again at The Mat.  And honestly, I was.

I could have averted all of that by saying “Thank you, yes…”

On the other hand, is that what I needed to experience to move forward with alternative plans for the short and long-term related to laundry?

My stubbornness has often served me.  Friday, not so much at The Mat.

What role is your hard head playing in your ability (or not) to move forward with a better plan in your life?


Comments on: "Uh oh, I am an idiot!" (8)

  1. Looking forward to the response! And I now have it in writing with you saying I am right! So right even! Ha! 😉


  2. My goodness, do I hear another over-achieving perfectionist??? I still struggle with doing laundry perfectly – especially when I see how others fold (or don’t fold) underwear. After all, it is so important for the inside of my dresser drawers (the ones that no one be me looks into) to be very need and tidy.


    • Hi Pat,
      Apparently I am relapsing as the perfectionist lately. I generally joke that I am a recovering perfectionist. My laundress actually folds better than I do. I just try to make the laundry mat a challenge.


  3. Oh and the time change also has me all messed up. I cannot seem to adjust and I think when I was working a regular job that made me set an alarm and wake up early even though I didn’t want to, helped. Now, I can’t seem to get out of bed until it is light out, and the chilly mornings give me no motivation to get out from underneath the cozy covers.


  4. First, you are NOT an idiot. But, what you say about not knowing about surrender is exactly what I was thinking when reading your last two blogs on surrender. I thought Flying the White Flag would include accepting help from others. But instead, your stubborn independence prevailed and this is the result. Part of accepting what ‘is’ is also knowing when to accept help when offered. You are not an idiot, I think you are just wanting to be able to keep taking care of your own stuff as much as you can. That is completely understandable, but sometimes you have to accept that you can’t do it all when you are already doing SO much and it is ok if you need help, ask for help and welcome it to avoid unneccessary pain.

    No one is going to hold it against you or think of you as weak, we all know you are far from that, just sensible. When friends are feeling helpless in ways to make it better for you, it is a joy to be able to do something, anything, that will make things easier and give you some relief, even in the mundane chores that we take for granted in being able to do with ease compared to yourself. Glad you decided to accept some help!


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