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As you may have noticed, my brain is always trying to figure something out.  I like that my brain is as active as it is because early in my illness, I was on so many medications that it couldn’t be.

Just the same, sometimes it needs to be interrupted.  It particularly needs interrupted when the pain is skewing my thinking.

I decided today to call this Serious-Interruptous.  I know, it sounds silly, but it makes me chuckle. I think I need this the most when I am struggling, which is pretty much the last couple of years with all the pump drama and residual chronic pain.

I have mini serious-interruptous moments with my dogs, my friends and my family.  They are mini because they are brief and do not seem to have the staying power through the bouts of frustration with pain and such.

Lately, I have had the opportunity to be exposed to frequent and powerful serious-interruptous.  My train of thought is leading me to a train wreck and then all the sudden, something funny happens and there is laughter.

Sometimes there can be a one or two word comment from someone that totally derails me, and I laugh even harder because I am the only one who knows that my line of thinking is heading directly for an oncoming train.  I don’t mind if it is hysterical laughter at the realization that I am a nut job either.

I don’t need any train wrecks, so I am seeking out the laughter and appreciating any opportunity to derail my seriousness.  I would rather try to reflect through laughter than through what is often pain-driven, irrational thought processes.

I find it interesting that sharing about the value of laughter is just now becoming a post on my blog, but I think I had more steady doses of it when I wasn’t as isolated because of the pain.  I couldn’t be more appreciative of the value of it than I am lately.

What is your serious-interruptous?


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