Sharing the lessons along the way…

Holy Growth, Batman!

Each day this week when I have walked my dogs, I have taken them everywhere I know a wheelchair cannot go.  We navigated the rocks to play in the intracoastal waters and went into every spot they wanted to smell or pee that was off the beaten paths of the sidewalks or the the beaten path for 5-16-13 blog

Monday morning, after frolicking in the cold waters with my dogs, I spent about thirty minutes reading through some of my old blogs.

I just did this a couple of weeks ago when the need to consider removing the pump was finally brought out into the open at my doctor’s appointment.

Since finally getting to the no fear place and making the decision to remove it, I felt I needed to revisit them.

I focused on the posts that were about the pump’s removal in 2011 and on the Lessons from the Pump.


I don’t mean to toot my own horn, as it did take me a while to get here, but holy growth, Batman!  I have come a long way in the nearly three years of processing the fear of not having the pump as part of my life.

I spent nearly as long processing the fears as I lived with the first pump before the problems began.  I would imagine you might even be tired of hearing about it. 😉

Honestly, being transparent about it with you and continuing to process it all in writing has helped me tremendously.  I have written about the benefits of sharing before and can see it so very clearly now.

Each of you has played quite an important role in my growth and I want you to know how much I appreciate you being with me through it!


Comments on: "Holy Growth, Batman!" (4)

  1. Margaret Lett said:

    We love you Tawny and HEP could not do without you. We are family!


  2. Oh, Tawny, I have found writing so healing. And as we both know, whatever we do in connection with another person is more healing than doing it alone. I hope you will continue to share with us your journey of fear and frustration and joy and hope.


    • Writing rocks, Pat! Sharing is pretty awesome too, as I am slow to learn in this life. I have no plans to stop sharing anytime soon. Hopefully less fear and more hope!


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