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What Happened to You?!

If only everyone in my world would read my blog, then I would not have to figure out a better answer to these very popular questions:

“What happened to you?!”

“What did you do to yourself?!”

My best response so far is, “It’s a long story, but I am ok.”

My original plan was to just act as if it was normal for me to be using whatever assistive device I needed as the decreasing began.  In that fashion, my greetings to others hasn’t changed.  That has averted questions only two times (out of probably 20) so far.

When Duke, the cane and I ventured out to work at the Homeless Emergency Project (HEP) yesterday, I had only gone to CVS and attempted dog walking in the neighborhood.

I tried to prepare everyone before any of this started, but didn’t realize I was also probably trying to avoid anyone asking me these very questions.  I really was more doing it for our clients, so they wouldn’t be worried when we did show up with a cane, walker or wheelchair in future weeks.

Avoiding these questions does make me think twice about leaving the safety of my own little box.  It also takes more energy to walk funny with a cane, so that makes me think twice too.  So far, neither has kept me from going anywhere.  I can still drive, so that cuts the distances.

I do wish I had remembered to print out the application for a handicap placard for the doctor to sign last week, so I would be able to use the handicap parking spots.  They cannot get me back in for another decrease for two more weeks, so it will have to wait.  In the meantime, I am getting used to using the cane.

Walking the dogs the first two times had to look hilarious to a passerby as I tried to coordinate two leashes, two big dogs used to walking normally, a poop bag and a cane through my neighborhood.

Our first two attempts at dog walks with the cane were a hoot.  Our third one this morning looked a bit better, or at least it felt a bit better and the boys seemed to get with the program.

For now, I will stick to my “It’s a long story, but I am ok” smiling response to the questions and not let my anxiety about the questions keep me from going anywhere.

I have to remember that most people ask questions because they are coming from a place of concern.  I want my response to reflect that I understand that.

Anyone out there have a better response for me to use?


Comments on: "What Happened to You?!" (2)

  1. I am proud of you……..Let your dog pick your friends …hahaha What if I don’t have a dog???


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