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Insanity to Presence

Sharing the madness of my firefighting with you really gave me an opportunity to take a step back.

Instead of being stuck inside my head trying to anticipate the fires, I was actually able to notice things like the clouds, the subtle new silver hairs covering my old dogs’ faces, the crispness of the air after a rain, and many other things that require being present.

I will not continue such madness each week with each decrease.  That is a ridiculous waste of energy and is no way to live this life.

With that in mind, I understand that I need to get and keep a grip, which means I need to do some things differently!

Instead of staying home tomorrow while I await the changes from today’s decrease in baclofen, I am going to hang out elsewhere to catch up with a friend and play with her baby.  It seems much healthier than what I did last time.

I stayed home, but really was hunkered down as if there was a tornado warning. 2013-07-14 16.15.25

Along with there being no fires or tornadoes, I really have to shift my mentality from everything being urgent before the next decrease.

Nothing is really that urgent in this life, and anything that might be, can easily be figured out with the help of my very wonderful support system.

There certainly will not be any toilet paper emergencies in the near future, and I made progress with my last trip to the grocery store by not buying two of everything.

I have already been incorporating my physical therapy routine into my days, and I think meditation is the next thing to incorporate.

Today at the doctor’s office, I shared my fascination with the previous reduction in baclofen.  I am not sure how they took my upbeat sharing and am not sure I care.  It will be interesting to see how fascinated I am tomorrow, but for today, I will take being present and knowing I will do things differently this week from last.


Comments on: "Insanity to Presence" (4)

  1. Lynn Hunt said:

    Tawny, with each post that I read, I experience so many emotions. You are a beautiful writer and a beautiful soul. You have opened yourself up in a way that will, no doubt, touch everyone who reads your blogs. That, my friend, is what I refer to as inspirational. Much love to you and your boys.


  2. Holly Smith said:

    You never stop amazing me with how you think and your ability to put it on paper. Your insight is also amazing my friend, keep going forward.


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