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Summers in Florida mean thunderstorms.  Lots of them.  I remember watching my dogs run around the yard in thunderstorms in West Virginia, but once we moved here, they have developed quite a phobia.  They are pitiful actually and we have Thundershirts, aromatherapy, drugs, safe spots, etc. and have tried various combinations of those things over the last 11 years.

All things in my house stop when a thunderstorm is near.  If Duke and I are at work at HEP, we have to leave immediately—Duke heads for the safety of the car.

Since the walk with my dogs was so slow and so hard yesterday, I wasn’t sure how I would walk them this morning.  Duke and I are going to work, so however I decided to take them, it was going to be a short walk. 2013-07-19 08.21.11

The power chair probably makes more sense, but I don’t feel my walking bad enough to use it yet, so I am debating the merits of either decision actively in my mind.

I feel like I am in an in between place with my walking with this baclofen dose decrease.  Not quite able to move forward much with just the cane anywhere but inside, yet still able to move forward enough to not stop doing it with the dogs.

Still undecided, I began my routine of getting ready to take them.  I let them out in the yard while I brushed my teeth.  I noticed it had gotten dark outside.  Then Duke flies past me for his safe spot under the desk.

Then More’ comes in with his tail tucked looking at me.

I decide to check the radar, and sure enough, there is a storm system right off the coast.

Never in the history of thunderstorms and my dogs here in Florida have I said, “Oh, thank goodness there is a storm!”  Duke and I will still go to work once it goes on by, but we all won’t be taking a walk.

I got out of having to make a decision this morning.


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  1. it’s funny..this immediately made me think of Elmo. When Elmo and I lived on LI, he loved the cold and snow and didn’t mind rainstorms or thunder and lightning. But that changed we moved to FL. I remember the first thunderstorm sitting in my first very own apartment in St. Pete. I didn’t know a soul and was chilling with my boy on the couch when out of nowhere what sounded like an atomic bomb boomed throughout the apartment and shook us to the core. We both literally leaped off the couch thinking that must be what it was. It scared the crap out of both us! I soon realized it was just your standard FL thunderstorm but it was THE loudest thunder I and he ever heard or experienced. After that, Elmo no longer ignored the sounds and sights of lightning but nowhere near Duke and Mores’ fear of them, of that I was lucky.

    Glad circumstances made the decision for you. Can’t help wonder how you got Duke to get through a morning at HEP with all the rain activity today?


    • Duke was so excited to go that he pranced out the door with his leash in his mouth, camouflage bandana around his neck and to the car right as the storm system moved to the north! He wasn’t noticing so much rain in the distance until we were coming home.


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