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Dogs, Love and Change

In their lifetime, they’ve had front row seats for my workaholism, my rapid physical decline, my heartache, my loss of everything including them, my ascent back to better health, my branching out to create a better life for us, and various uses of adaptive equipment along the way.

They have never missed a beat.  They have adapted quickly to any change I have brought our way.  And now is no different for them.

Of course, I am talking about my 12-year-old lab mix dogs.

When a cane was introduced about a decade ago, they adapted quickly—far more quickly than I did.  They didn’t mind the walker, manual chair or power wheelchair.  They only struggled to get close enough to me through those items.  Duke became my helper dog early—on his own—and still keeps his hawk eyes on me to make sure I am ok.

When the cane was reintroduced last month, we all adapted. photo (3)

Fast forward to our first official power wheelchair daily walk Saturday.

As if they had never walked with a walking dog momma, they couldn’t have been more perfect.

They paid attention to me and where I was going next and they even used the bathroom in spots that meant I didn’t even have to get up to pick it up.

They were quick on their feet when the chair would slip and slide up a curbing or over debris on the sidewalk.

I was anxious about starting us back out taking our walks from the power chair as I shared last Friday, but they eased that immediately.

I was sad we had to go backwards in mobility.  They reminded me that they don’t care as long as we still get out there together to walk.

Each walk since then, I have been able to be more present with them and less unsure about this new chair.

I have the most perfect dogs in all the land.  They have already taught me more about adapting to change than any human ever could in their lifetime.


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  1. Our dogs have been my best friend through surgeries and kept me from being lonely as my physical world has narrowed. I like your chair. I’m still looking for the right one!


    • Hi Teepee,
      Thank you for stopping by my blog! This chair in the picture isn’t great outside, but probably would be good for indoor only. Years ago I had a Jazzy model that I could go in the grass with ease, but was a bit too big indoors. I am now using a Pronto M51 and it is good indoors and is more sturdy to walk the dogs.


  2. Where else can you get such loyalty, adaptability & unconditional love.
    Such companionship cannot be bought or sold. Surely you have nurtured it,
    and their behavior is your reward.


    • Priceless little souls are these two gifts. They have been the ones to nurture my growth and they probably consider my modified behavior over our 12 years together, their reward! Ha!


  3. Good for you and the poochies. I so admire your spirit. And your dogs!

    Years ago, my neighbor had a shepherd mix. Neighbor went for vacation and came back a few weeks late, having had her bones severely busted up in a car accident. A couple operations and recovery later, she was back home. The dog, Ginger, knew exactly what to do. She never jumped on Marge (Ginger used to be a jumper) and would retrieve anything that Marge dropped on the floor. She was gentle and attentive.

    The dogs know.


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