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As soon as my legs submerge in a body of water, the tightness in the muscles eases.  It is quite magical.

When I first discovered pool therapy in 2006, it was out of desperation.  I had tried the Botox injections, I was on the maximum daily doses of oral baclofen, tizanidine and 12 other medications that were supposed to help with spasticity (tightness).  I was still unable to stand to transfer out of my wheelchair.

After religiously going to the pool to walk in the shallow end, I was finally able to start standing outside of the pool too.

Since the intrathecal baclofen decreases began, I have been able to almost weekly be in the water.  I seem to have lots of friends with pools and/or jacuzzis, which I didn’t have in 2006.jc n me cropped

Yesterday, I spent a magical afternoon in the pool.  I never want to get out because I can do things in there that I cannot do on dry land.

You might remember that my original intention was to spend yesterday waiting for the decrease to take effect based on the previous weeks.

That wasn’t necessary because all of that happened Tuesday night and Wednesday while Duke and I were at work.

The focus yesterday was rehabilitation of the decrease in the water, while hanging out with three friends, a kissing little dog, and one of the cutest babies in all the land.

I went to bed with happy legs and a happy heart!  This week has really been magical on so many levels.


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