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Writing has been a part of me since I was first able to form sentences.  I was keeping journals and writing poems in elementary school.  By junior high, it was writing that probably kept me sane.

It was, by far, the healthiest coping mechanism I had for a good portion of my life.  I could communicate so much more easily on the page than in person.  At least, I felt more comfortable writing something than saying it for much of my life.

Words have always been the vehicle, but the mode of transportation has certainly changed through the years.  Who could have imagined a blogosphere or social networking as a mode of transportation for words?pen paper

The audience has been different through each phase of my life as well.  Right now, you are my audience.  At times in my life, I was my only audience.  Other times, it was a trusted friend or online support group by email.

What I have seen consistently through my writing is the presence of some greater wisdom.  It is as if I am the one starting out writing, but there is a greater wisdom finishing it out for me.

I always found fascinating that the end of my sad, sob, ranting, saga of a journal entry, email or poem, would end with a pep talk of sorts somehow.  You might have heard writers say things like, “It wrote itself” or “I don’t know how I was able to write this.”

Believe it or not, there is empirical research about just such phenomenon for all artists—musicians, writers, painters, craftsmen, scientists, etc.   I met an author who went on a quest for the research who lives here locally (check her out).

Since I have posted a blog daily the last two weeks, I feel like I have gotten stronger.  Not stronger physically, but stronger emotionally and spiritually.  I am sharing this pump removal journey as it is happening—in real-time with you.

I am honored that you are following along as you can, and hope that the strength I am finding is spilling over into your world as well.

As I do this real-time sharing, I am finding that by the end of each entry—no matter what my intent for the piece was at the start—ends on a positive note.  If nothing else, it ends with humor, or a choice-point that gives me the option to improve upon where it began.

Have you noticed this as you’ve followed the blog?  What did you make of it?  Does this also happen in your own creative expressions?


Comments on: "Words, Sentences and Empowerment" (5)

  1. Amazing journey into your blogosphere. ‘Check her out’ doesn’t seem to be connecting, but ‘Empirical Research’ brought me to a great site. Yes !! My writing never ends the way I anticipated it would. When i’m stymied, I just keep on writing, (or drawing) and the right words or images just turn up, as if by magic.
    This is with the possible exception of my gravatar – which at the moment seems to have a will of it’s own. I gave it a real name and now it’s completely confused.
    Would that I could, end this commentary on a more positive note – but i cannot know what will happen until i push that little button.
    Now i’m ready to discuss fear !!!


    • Hi Sam,
      Empirical research always catches my attention, and the title of her book Writing Down Your Soul was secondary the day I stumbled upon her promo card. A fair portion of the research she compiled is of solid design and was fairly well done. In my quest for explaining the inexplicable, her information seemed to satiate my need to understand “why” I write, paint, and create the way I do and why I cannot when I do not let go. Glad you like the gems you are able to find as you sift through the posts.


  2. I find writing about my feelings hard, but expressing myself through 2and 3 dimesional media easier. To express yourself writing this takes dedication.


    • Darras, you are very talented expressing yourself through your art! I think any form of expression, especially if it is one that helps us deal with what life throws at us in a healthy way, takes dedication. Do you think you feel even better when you are able to share your work with others? Does each piece contain a piece of you?


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