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Sweet Sum-up Sunday #5

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It is time to catch you up on another week in the life of The Tawny as I travel the unchartered waters toward the ultimate removal of my baclofen pump.  I shared more in posts about the symptoms of my illness that are more noticeable after breaking the half-way mark of these intrathecal baclofen dose reductions.

I am still driving a car, walking with a cane, and moving forward in this life in spite of the decision to remove the pump.  I am continuing to make gains with each loss every week and did the stairs at the Homeless Emergency Project with Duke better than I did three weeks ago on Wednesday.

In recent weeks, I have alluded to the magic of the water and the magic of feeling gratitude, but I really want to try to express that gratitude a bit more adequately today.  I am humbled by the show of support, acceptance and love I feel from the people in my life.

Whether I have seen you recently or not, whether I have met you in person or not, I feel you pulling for me.

I am not sure how to respond to so many rallying around me—it is not anything I have ever felt, nor is it something I am used to.  It was there in the past, although not to this degree, and I couldn’t see it, feel it, or embrace it.

Sometimes it feels pleasantly overwhelming to know that I have you in my corner, on my team, and in my life.

From needy Tawny to grounded Tawny, you have not missed a beat.  Cranky Tawny, vulnerable and raw Tawny, obsessive Tawny, overwhelmed Tawny…

…Grateful Tawny.

I said once—pretty sure I even blogged just this—that gratitude is the elixir to whatever ails us.  It might not be the cure-all, but it sure is the next best thing to a cure.

What sums up this week more than anything else is that I am grateful for water, my stationary bike and for you!


Comments on: "Sweet Sum-up Sunday #5" (4)

  1. gratitude comes from understanding the perspective of others. understanding speaks of wisdom. you might just be on a journey to cure the ills of humanity. one person at a time.
    for that, i be grateful.


  2. Namaste Nina! Thank you!


  3. I embrace all The Tawny’s in you..and am grateful to take the journey with you..Namaste


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