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Dancing Brown Eyes

There once was a little girl whose thoughtful brown eyes sparkled at the idea of doing something that made someone else happy.  Her eyes danced at the smiling, laughing faces of others.  Tears fell at the sight of others’ tears falling.

As she grew from little to big, her eyes danced when she saw an opportunity to fill a need for someone else.  You could almost see the fire burning in those brown eyes at the mere hope for an opportunity to make a difference in the world.PhotoMail (3)

First, she sought journalism as her medium to affect change.  With sharp and focused eyes, she yearned for the real story.

Only to find that no one wanted to hear the real story, or that no one could really know the real story without having first been there.

She needed the whole story.  There is never just one “why” or “how” to anyone’s story, she would soon learn by listening fully to others.

Before she knew it, she found psychology as her medium to affect change.  One client at a time, one group session at a time, her eyes would shine when she saw a client better understanding themselves and their own power to change.

Then she found teaching, so she was making a difference one student, one class at a time.

Then refereeing, so she made a difference one player, two teams, coaches, and the stands at a time.

She was making a difference, but there was a fire inside to do even more.  She was preparing for whatever that could be.

Until her life took a major turn.  First illness, then loss of everything, including her ability to walk.

Tears fell from those big brown eyes at the thought of no longer being able to make a difference.  She begged for her chance to not be finished trying.  Surely she couldn’t be done, she was just getting started.

In even the worst of circumstances, those eyes connected to others, and her desire to lift others up seemed to be lifting her up as well.

Finally, she realized that she still could affect change, and those eyes danced once more.

As a little girl, she never imagined that the biggest difference she could make in this life was being that change.  All she really needed to do was imagine everything she wanted to see change in the world, and then make those changes in herself.

If she wanted peace, then she had to find it within and feel it.  Then be it out in the world.  If she wanted love, she had to give it as freely to herself as she would to others.  She had to be love in every part of her day.

If she imagined acceptance for everyone, she had to fully accept herself before she could share that with the world.  Then be acceptance.

The list goes on, but as she makes the changes within herself, she shares them.  She shares them with as much of the world as she has access to.  Her hope is that some part of what she shares might make some small difference, some small ripple of change, in someone, somewhere.


****Since January, 13, 2010, there have been over 14,000 opportunities to share some of these changes with you through this blog.  It is a modest number compared to other seasoned bloggers, but to think that someone does a search, comes upon my blog by “accident” and finds something they can apply to their own life, makes my eyes dance.  Thank you for sharing in the journey.


Comments on: "Dancing Brown Eyes" (6)

  1. The good child lives to please us –
    She’s making a difference, Daily.
    That small ripple of change –
    could easily become a wave.

    My cynical yellow eyes – applaud the dance !!!


  2. Holly Smith said:

    The lives you touch everyday, you make a difference. Keep being you ⭐


  3. that was beautiful! Funny, I have been told that I have dancing brown eyes 🙂


    • I love to watch people’s eyes dance when they are doing something they feel passionate about or see something that speaks to their soul! Your eyes do dance–I have seen them. 🙂


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