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Sum it Sunday #6

It is hard to believe that another week has passed and that it is time to catch you up on it!

This week, the baclofen decrease is now 60% less than the original dose being delivered via the pump each day.  That means in four more decreases, I will be receiving no intrathecal baclofen and can schedule surgery shortly afterwards to have it removed.

The remaining 40% has translated into more mobility issues using the cane alone.

Since overusing my cane Wednesday as the decrease was taking effect, I have been resting my arm, wrist and hand as much as possible to rule that out as the problem.

The clonus symptoms are also worse in both legs and the stability of my standing and taking steps seems to require a bit more focus and concentration.  I am still doing it, slowly and (21)

I can still drive and amble around the house, and am still clear that this decision is the better one for my body right now.

The themes for my week in the blogosphere revolved around the power of choice with a little hint at keeping focused on the bigger picture.

You may have noticed that when I am in need of a pep talk or a reminder of something, it generally ends up posted on my blog.

In the past week, I have needed to remind myself about the choices I always have in dealing with these changes.

I also needed to take a minute to remember that my motivation for getting up each day is to be the change.  Quite frankly, I often think this is why I breathe air.

No part of that has to change because of how I logistically go from place to place.  It doesn’t change because of anything really—at least it hasn’t so far, even though I thought it might.  This is the bigger picture that I find helpful to remember when I begin to get myself freaked out about the losses.

Friday’s post about finding my dogs on a Google search was fun, and writing it was a centering tool to ground me in gratitude.  My dogs represent so much to me and their search-ability would not be possible without my wonderful friends in this life.  So, by extension, it was also an expression of gratitude for them.

For all of that, I am extremely grateful and it seemed fitting to begin with a gratitude filled Monday and Friday, an empowering Tuesday and Saturday, and a practical post on Wednesday.

I had a good week.

Did you?  Do you feel like you are with me on this journey?  Are there details or aspects of what I am doing to cope that you are interesting in hearing about that I haven’t yet shared with you?  Anything I am sharing you would rather I not share?


Comments on: "Sum it Sunday #6" (4)

  1. Not everyone is as able to – first, recognize their issues, then verbalize them, let alone
    share that journey. These processes can be incredibly difficult at times. Even the
    smallest of things you have shared can be enormous events to someone else.
    Share what you can – when you can ; and like you said . . . ‘what you need’ . . .
    will find it’s way back to you. It may not be the same thing that you gave, but it will
    be just what you needed – at that moment.


  2. Thanks for writing about your experiences. Whilst you should write on here for you, it is important for others who may read to not feel alone. Whether they are going through the same thing or something else, to read your frankness and to see you smile may just make a difference. I enjoy reading you and thinking about the messages you put out there. Take care ~ Judy


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