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Sometimes, no matter what your intentions, the day just doesn’t go nearly as smoothly as you envisioned it could.

Yesterday was far from smooth sailing.

I opted to use the power wheelchair at HEP to get around campus, see more people and allow Duke to move about a bit more quickly.  It was a bit emotional when I first took off in the chair, but it wasn’t the time or place to get emotional.

I imagined sitting in that chair with my big girl panties (BGP) on, and kept going.  I reminded myself that using the chair was the only thing that made good logical sense given the last decrease.

It is a means to an end.  It is only a mode of transportation.

I repeated these statements to myself all day.  I used similar versions for other people when they asked what had happened to me through the course of the day.

I had really forgotten what it is like to navigate within offices and all around from a seated, wheeled position.  Well, I had forgotten the many nuances of doing so, but was reminded when I first tried to open a door.

I also thought I had taken note of many things anticipating this phase of assistive equipment, but realized I didn’t know where exactly to cross the street because I didn’t know where the sidewalk curbing was.

My only experience since getting my first pump in 2007 has been walking my dogs with the power chair in the neighborhood in recent weeks.  Clearly that was not adequate preparation for going into a situation I really only know as a standing, walking human.

About half way through the day, I even started to feel out of sorts.  I don’t know what “out of sorts” mean or if I was ever “in sorts” from the day’s start.

Feeling the emotional whirlwind was often focused as intermittent bursts of frustration.  I couldn’t get where I was trying to go at several points in the day, and even the closest bathroom door’s lock was broken and had to be replaced before I could use it.

I kept reminding myself that while things were not going all that smoothly, it was still far easier physically to get around campus in that power chair than on my own power.

Duke seemed to appreciate being able to move around faster in the heat and did ok with someone else taking him up and down the stairs while I rode the elevator. Nothing else needed to matter.

Fortunately, the drive home was without issues.  The less than smooth nature of the day followed with strange computer issues and more Murphy’s Law-like happenings once I was back home.

Perhaps the strangeness of the Monday had nothing to do with the chair or me. Or perhaps it did.  It doesn’t matter.

I broke myself back in using the power chair for distances in the work setting.  If Monday is as bad as it gets, then I got this.


Comments on: "Murphy’s Law Monday and BGP" (4)

  1. “Out of Sorts” . . . uneasy – sort of a residual effect left behind –
    after the riptide has pulled the ground right out from under you.
    You are no longer feeling the overwhelming panic of that moment,
    but you no longer trust what we loosely call, solid ground.
    One tends to pause and look around (a lot) before venturing
    even a single step in any direction.
    Yet – there you went (wheeled surfboard ready),
    chasing those windmills !
    The Dukester, yourself and the elevator, were well thought out –
    ahead of time. And who would have known that the bathroom door’s
    lock could present issues – if You hadn’t gone out to blaze that trail !
    This is prime time to be observing the daily differences –
    all the little things we take for granted.
    No doubt, my friend, You are in control, much more than you know !


  2. You got this :-)!


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