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Detour: Amore for Mi Amore

Mi Amore

I wasn’t sure if I would do this, but I have to take you on a little detour today.

On Tuesday, the day of my epiphany and pump dose decrease to 70%, I also found out that one of my 12-year-old dogs has a bad tumor.  This thing has grown fast in recent weeks.

Today, the vet will try to remove this very large, still growing every day, tumor that hurts him.

Amore is no stranger to surgeries as he is a big goofy dog who has blown out both ACL’s—the first of which happened to be around the time I was in a wheelchair when my illness first started.  He has fallen off decks, chairs and has broken teeth on more than one occasion.

He is the best brother an intuitive, dominant, and relatively needy dog like Duke could have ever hoped to have.  He is nurturing, patient, sweet and never ends a roughhousing play session with anything more than a kiss for his brother.

As the Scooby-Doo of the household, he jumps at his own shadow, and in recent years, barks at moving things he can no longer see very clearly.  His big brown eyes express everything you might need to know about how he feels just the same as they did when he was a pup.

In his 12 years, he has been the epitome of his name.  Even at 12, he still gets easily excitable, but he is only love.

Please take a moment today to send some love his way.

It is very much appreciated!


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