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Sunday Sum-Up Day #7

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Has anyone noticed that I have been blogging every day for more than 30 days now?  I am in disbelief about the amount of time that has passed, and here we are again on a Sunday catch up post.

It might be a challenge to do the past week justice in a post of 500 words or less, so we’ll see how this goes.

Yesterday, I shared how I fully grasped the lesson of transcending my circumstances.  When we look beyond our immediate circumstances, we find what is true, real, and important.  I learned this after one of my 12-year-old dogs had to have a large icky tumor removed and I was observing his reaction to returning home.

Dogs don’t have all that we have attached to surgeries, tumors, illness or pain, so we could learn a lot from watching them.

I am happy to report that after a rough first 30 hours after surgery, Amore’ is resting more comfortably.  Today, he should be behaving a bit more normally.

All of this came on the heels of my increased difficulty with mobility after the pump dose was decreased to 70% of the original dose.  I am walking quite stiffly and the clonus is worse, but I was able to make some gains after a delightful workout in my friend’s pool Thursday.

Even before the decrease, I had made the decision to use a power wheelchair when Duke and I work at the Homeless Emergency Project (HEP) last Monday.  While I was ok with that decision, it still felt like a huge emotional step to take.

I got through it, and learned many important things in the process—the biggest one was that it might not mean it is permanent.  I keep forgetting that the amount of rehabilitation I can do with each decrease is limited because of the pain.  I intend to do so much more work and to be doing so much better before this is all over!

My challenge for work at HEP tomorrow and Wednesday will be managing the walk from the car to the power wheelchair that stays there for me to use.

There is already a plan in place for Wednesday, as the next decrease is taking effect, for a different place to have the chair that is a bit shorter distance.

There are only three decreases in baclofen left before my pump will not be delivering anything.  I am sure more emotions attached to all of that will continue to surface in the next few weeks.

I am thrilled to be driving at only 30% of the original dose.  I might not be able to walk far into a store once I drive there, but I can still drive there.  I am still learning and growing through all the weeks’ events as well.

You folks are really a supportive and encouraging bunch, and my dogs and I appreciate all the love you shared this week!

***By the way, I have made a new menu option for the weekly catch up posts up at the top.

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