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Tweaks for the Week

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Since last week started with Murphy’s Law operating with wild abandon, I have decided that this week will be different.  After reading through some of my Monday posts, I have noticed that each week comes with a tweak to make it better.

I hadn’t noticed that pattern until I was sitting here asking myself what I could do to make this week start off better than last.  Apparently, it is a predictable Sunday question I ask myself.

Throughout the week last week, I was getting used to a different level of mobility, navigating around my world again in a power wheelchair, and identifying some problems related to doing all of that.  A problem with one of my old pups was identified last week as well.

I have declared this week to be the week of finding solutions.  It is likely I will notice more challenges as the decrease moves to 80%, but my focus is going to be as much on identifying solutions as I can muster.

It’s a tiny shift in perspective, really.  I know it will simplify the week, no matter what the week has in store.  Focusing on finding solutions also serves a dual purpose for me.  First, it keeps my mindset on figuring out ways around something challenging.  I am pretty good at that and it is a healthy use of anxious energy.

More importantly, however, it will keep me relatively present so that I do not swept away in the past’s emotions that will be surfacing with this baclofen dose decrease.

Since my rip-tide post, I have been more aware of the wave of emotions that throw me off-balance.  I know where they come from—they started 10 years ago when this illness rapidly progressed and I lost everything.

So far, I haven’t been able to stop the emotional rip-tides, and perhaps I won’t be able to stop them entirely until the process of removing the pump is complete.  At that point, I can create something different to attach to the symptoms of my illness, and remove the fear that was so intricately woven among them years ago.

I have three more weeks to work on lessening the intensity of the emotional rip-tides, which really should have me in good emotional shape to better manage the emotions related to removing the pump.  Working on the physical therapy exercises and such seems to be the easier part of this process sometimes.

What are you tweaking this week to make it even better than last?  Do you set goals and intentions for your week?



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