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Nowhere but up from here

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I awoke almost feeling normal, or so I thought until I got up to move about.  Still a little dizzy, but nothing like the night before, I tried to go about my morning routine like it was normal.  I didn’t think I was dopey anymore, but knew it couldn’t all be over just yet because I was still walking well.

My head was hurting like only a baclofen headache can, so I made coffee to see if that would help while I posted my blog.  I fed my dogs their breakfast, checked big dog Mo’s stitches and noticed there was some swelling and redness on one side of the very long suture.

I took a picture so that I could sent it to the vet later.  I wondered if it was wise to still try to go to HEP with Duke since this baclofen overdose situation wasn’t totally resolved yet.  I decided to go later and only stay a couple of hours.

The dogs got leashed for a very short walk down the block to make them think they were getting out.  More’ wasn’t really ready to do much walking, but does love love to walk.  Six houses from home, I saw that his suture was leaking.  They aren’t supposed to do that, so back home we roll.

I called the vet and commenced picture-taking and sending to them.  He needed antibiotics.  Apparently, I sent the pictures to the wrong email, then tried to download the wrong program onto my computer for a work thing and tried to talk on the phone to a friend.  I was still dopey.  Crap.  I wasn’t driving anywhere.  I would have to go to HEP Friday.

I had been up for only two hours and I was over this day and the entire week.  Somehow, I mustered up the thought that this week had two days to redeem itself before I would chalk it up as a huge bowl of crap.

From there, the day gradually improved.  I got the antibiotics and a few errands run with a little help from a friend.  My dopiness and dizziness waned.

Of course so did walking well, but I will trade my brain for my legs without a second thought after Tuesday’s ridiculousness.  I heard myself say it twice aloud to two different people throughout the day yesterday.

And there it was.  In the midst of that entire nightmare was perspective.  I didn’t really need such a massive dose of it, but I got it.  I also have to admit that Tuesday night, I didn’t think that I could spin such a frightening day into something positive.

Seriously.  Even I didn’t care if this experience was going to teach me anything.  I honestly didn’t.  I was perfectly content feeling grateful for the people who were around to help me get through it.  I was thankful the doctor didn’t kill me and that felt like enough.

I am incredibly grateful.  I am grateful mostly that the week can only look up from here.


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  1. Truly grateful for your continuing perspectives !


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