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Sunday Sum Up #8

Photo Review

As usual, this week was full of the unexpected and unpredictable.  The usual even became unusual this week!

I started the week determined, yet again, to improve upon the week before.  I wanted to manage my emotions, particularly my anxiety, about the next baclofen dose decrease and the unknown effects those would have on my life.  I tweaked a few things and vowed to seek solutions.

From there, the early week’s events had no simple solutions.  Emotions were running high until there was a problem with my pump dose decrease on Tuesday.  What should have been a simple programmable, five-minute appointment, turned into a temporary baclofen overdose that made for a  scary day and a half.

As I came out of the baclofen haze on Wednesday, my big dog’s incision became infected, which fortunately had a simple solution.  Even through the fogginess, I could manage that one.

I was ready to write off the week as a big bowl full of crap, when I unexpectedly found more perspective than I bargained for because of the overdose.

My trade-off for the clarity of my mind from the baclofen mishap was stiffer, wobblier legs.  I was totally ok with that, even before I eased some of those symptoms of the decrease with my exercises.  The anxiety I have felt each week since the decreases began seemed to disappear almost entirely.

The week was redeemed as Thursday, Friday and Saturday were good days.  The criteria for a good day became relative after my Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  My perspective of a good day had certainly shifted dramatically.

Any day that a doctor doesn’t inadvertently try to kill me and that my dogs are healthy and happy is a good day.  My friends and family are ok, too.  Everything else is less important.  In fact, if it wasn’t life or death, there was no worry at all.

Since the increase in wobbliness and stiffness, I have been able to make great gains with my physical therapy.  I have no reason to believe that I will not continue to do so even with the last two decreases before the removal of the pump.

I am still able to drive and walk short distances with the cane outside of the house.  I do wish the walker was more helpful to propel myself forward at this point because my arm is still struggling to make up the difference for my legs.

While I could have done without the drama that plagued the earlier part of my week, I am not sure I would have gained such perspective without it.  I look forward to maintaining that perspective with very little drama as we start a new week and a new month.

How was your week?  Any surprises—good or bad?  Do you like the photo reviews I have added for the last two catch up posts?


Comments on: "Sunday Sum Up #8" (2)

  1. Holly Smith said:

    I’m loving your new pictures. And very glad the doctor didn’t kill you, that More’ is doing better and that Duke is still a rock star!!!!


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