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Monday’s Motivation

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After last week, I feel differently about the coming weeks’ baclofen decreases.  Managing the anxiety more effectively didn’t seem to need to be one of my weekly goals for this week.

Instead, I seem to have shifted focus back to my rehabilitation plan.  This week, it is important that I not miss any opportunity to do my physical therapy exercises, both on land and in the water.

No matter how easily fatigued my muscles get, no matter how much my time needs to spent working, no matter how unmotivated I might be on any given day, I must push through to do it.

This is the first week that I am less concerned about my emotional well-being and the baclofen decrease and more concerned about the other parts of my rehabilitation plan.

I still have to keep my perspective gained from last week and stay grounded enough to not become overwhelmed with that one more thing that is likely to happen this week.

But my mind is clear enough to better prepare my body for the surgery recovery time.  I won’t be able to do my physical therapy plan for at least two weeks after surgery, which will happen this month.

And, as I have shared, each week’s physical therapy has helped me to maintain or improve upon the losses each decrease has brought.

I have worked on my schedule for the week to include at least 30 minutes each day on the stationary bike with 15 minutes of stretching and other exercises after that.

I might only be able to do water therapy one time again this week, but am hopeful to fit in a second day with that as well.

As another level of my plan, a little over a month ago, I also began taking supplements that are specifically geared toward reducing inflammation and damage both in the body and on a cellular level.

I chose the supplements based on what I could sustain financially and what the research showed would be most helpful for an upper motor neuron type disease process.

At the same time, I also started being more mindful of my dietary intake to incorporate certain food items more consistently.  My pump doctor gave me a copy of his anti-inflammatory/pain management diet and I learned about the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation’s dietary guidelines.

The supplement recommendations were similar, as were the diet and exercise recommendations.

I already followed both to some degree, but now it is time to take that to a higher level.  I have been moderately consistent and would like to make it more consistent this week.

I was also gifted some essential oils and a diffuser this past week, and am including aromatherapy into the mix.  (Particularly with frankincense.)

Each area of my life is included in my rehabilitation plan, and now you know a little bit more of the overall picture.  My intention this week is to focus more on the physical and dietary components of the plan.


Comments on: "Monday’s Motivation" (2)

  1. Looks just like my medicine chest,
    with the exception of “Marshmallow” ?


    • I learned about marshmallow from the nutritionist at HEP. We were discussing my illness and she was suggesting anti-inflammatory supplements, most of which I had already started–except for marshmallow! It is an herbal supplement and I figured it couldn’t hurt!


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