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Surgery on the Horizon

“Are you ready?”

“Can you believe this is happening?”


“That’s great!”

“Let me know what you need.”

When I have shared with friends that the pump removal surgery is finally scheduled for September 19th, these were among the comments and questions I have been asked.Surgery Date

The decrease in the dose of baclofen yesterday was the second to last one before we can remove the pump.

There was no drama this week. (Shewweee!)

The pump doctor and I discussed the removal more at length because he wants to make sure I am really ok with this decision.

I let him know that I didn’t make this decision lightly.

I shared that if my first pump experience was anything like this second one, there would have never been a second one.  Then I added that I was delighted with my level of functioning so far, as well as my ability to manage the symptoms with the pool and other exercises.

I am not ready for the initial recovery from a surgery.  I want to skip over that part in my mind, and just jump right to the other plans I have for rehabilitation and maintenance of the symptoms of my illness.

The doc and I talked about possible complications since the catheter tip has been in the same spot in my spine since 2007.  And what we’ll do should those arise.

The most important question I had for him today outside of scheduling the surgery was how long I have to be out of the water.  Assuming there are no complications, it could be less than two weeks until I am back in the pool doing my exercises.

My face lit up with that answer!  I am fearful of losing ground during the surgery recovery time as I shared with you in Monday’s post.  At my follow up appointment after the surgery, I will get the green or red light and that will be 12 days after the surgery.

So, yes, I am ready.

Yes, this is finally happening.

It is sad that my body and the Medtronic pump couldn’t work things out after 2 ½ years.  But it is as it is, and now I get the opportunity to create a new chapter of my life story without it.

I am not afraid of doing that anymore.



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