Sharing the lessons along the way…

In the wake of a crisis…


If you have a crisis situation, I am the one to call.  I can problem-solve, de-escalate, nursemaid, or whatever the situation calls for—I’m your girl.

I am calm, level-headed, soft-spoken and seem to know just what to do next.

I can juggle your crisis with Billy Bob’s crisis and my own until we can no longer call them a crisis.

And then, I am exhausted.  Then, I need the time and space to decompress.

The body experiences a crisis situation much like a marathon runner’s body experiences a marathon.  It is possible, but incredibly taxing for a human body to complete such a long race.

We wouldn’t want a runner not to do some sort of cool down to transition from such an exhausting race back to walking around normally.

The wake of a crisis or series of crises feels like an important time.  The cool down time after a crisis will depend on how long it lasted, the intensity of it, and whether it is likely to happen again in the near future.

The body has to gear back down after being geared up.

I don’t think I gear down as quickly as it seems others do.

Now that I have the surgery date set, my big goofy dog’s stitches are out and I gained so much clarity with the baclofen overdose last week, I am in decompression mode.

The adrenaline doesn’t need to be pumping all the time anymore, and I think it might have stopped all together I feel so drained!

Since I made the decision to have this intrathecal pump removed, I have been geared up.  This has been a long, and sometimes life threatening week to week adventure that is finally nearing an end.

My exhaustion is making it quite a challenge to stay motivated to do the physical and nutrition part of my rehabilitation plan.  Actually it is making it harder to do anything this week.

I am still doing it, but I have decided to add some decompressing time into the mix as well.  In fact, today, I have marked off the entire afternoon and evening for just that.

How are you in a crisis?  Do you take some time to shift gears after it is over?


Comments on: "In the wake of a crisis…" (2)

  1. been away-trying to catch up.
    what a relief to hear you say these words.
    you have indeed learned from your pups !


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