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Sum-Up Sunday #9 (wow)

Weekly PhotosI cannot believe this is my ninth catch up post!

The past week has lacked the drama and anxiety that the weeks before of this journey into removing my baclofen pump had.  In fact, this week seemed to be the calm after the storm, which allowed me to focus on my work and other parts of my rehabilitation plan.

I shared about another facet of my plan Monday, which includes the supplements I started taking over a month ago.  A lot of research went into deciding which ones, and I feel good about my selections.

My surgery date for the pump removal was scheduled on Tuesday for Thursday, September 19th.  There is only 10% of the original dose of baclofen being sent to my body, and I shared about how that was affecting my day-to-day in my Friday post.

As the anxiety seemed to dissolve after the baclofen overdose of the week before last, I didn’t have to worry that one more thing would undo me this week.  Perhaps the universe has good timing because Tuesday, I also found out that my Amore dog’s tumor was the cancerous type of vascular tumor.

He breezed through his suture removal like a champ, and has no idea what the C-word means.  We don’t go by a doctor’s prognosis in my house anymore.  Duke and Amore are 12-year-old big dogs, so we will just deal with whatever happens next as it happens and not a minute before.  Just like we have been doing.

By midweek, I remembered the tiredness that comes with spastic muscles and being anxious trying to anticipate what would be happening with each decrease in baclofen.  So, I allowed myself some restful time from work and expectations Thursday.  I did a little bit of exercising in the pool, but didn’t want to jeopardize my drive home by doing too much.

Driving makes me nervous when I am fatigued since the latest decrease, so I opted to let someone else drive Duke and I to work on Friday at the Homeless Emergency Project.

My symptoms are more noticeable (particularly clonus in my legs) with certain tasks this week and driving happens to be one of those.  I have also opted not to drive far when I do choose to drive and may have to make a different decision after I am no longer receiving any intrathecal baclofen after this Tuesday.

Of course, it won’t be a final decision because there are a lot of treatment options I have yet to try at this stage of the game.

Even though I was exhausted and had trouble getting motivated, I only missed my stationary bike twice, did the pool Sunday and Thursday, didn’t miss a bit of work, and consider the week a good one.

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  1. Hang in there, Tawny, and remember to call at anytime if you need something.
    Louise and Ken


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