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Call the Bomb Squad!

English: Bomb technician in EOD 9 bomb suit

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Armed with bright orange spongy ear plugs, I went to arrange the pillows on my bed in hopes of finding a comfortable spot to sleep.

The goal was to not hear the baclofen pump’s regular alarming.

I pushed the squishy plugs into my ears as far as they would go, but I could still hear the alarm.

I placed one hand over the pump, over the covers thinking that and the ear plugs would muffle the sounds.

As the next alarm sounded, I decided to try both hands.  Then the next alarm sounded, and I was so sleepy I thought for sure it would soon no matter if I could hear this damned pump.

Once more the alarm sounded.  This time I tried laying on the side where my pump is implanted, in hopes that whatever speaker device it had was on the outside of that side of the pump.  Laying on that side is uncomfortable because the pointy parts of the pump jab into my belly button area.

Not being able to fall asleep was starting to make me nauseated.  As I heard one more alarm, I decided that I was uncomfortable enough to deal with the pain that sleeping on the pump creates.  I was sure that if I could get past just one alarm, I could skip through the sleep cycles into the deeper sleep.

Apparently, I did and I slept for two full hours before waking up to what sounded like a fire truck in my bedroom through my grogginess.  The dogs even woke up and thought it was time to go outside.  Perhaps they thought there was a fire or maybe just that an alarm clock had gone off.

I noticed from that point on through the rest of the wee morning hours that the pump was confused.  Sometimes it was the critical alarm sound and sometimes it was just a beep beep beep.

My searches on the internet yesterday morning gave me no sign that this incessant alarming would stop without the pump being programmed to stop.  As the darkness of morning silence shifted to the world being awake, at least the alarm wasn’t as loud.

It was no less annoying as I am tootling around the neighborhood in my power wheelchair on my dog walk.  No less annoying as I was riding my exercise bike.  It still startled me when it sounded as I worked at my computer.

If I was on the cusp of being an emotional time bomb, now my time bomb was literally ticking.

I am pretty sure I will be changing all of my phone ringtones to animals quacking or barking for a while after all of this beeping.

You can laugh if you want.  Really, now it is ok. I was fortunate to make it to the St. Petersburg office to be reprogrammed late yesterday afternoon, and slept much better last night.



Comments on: "Call the Bomb Squad!" (4)

  1. What was that expression ?
    “No rest for the weary”
    You could title this chapter “The Bionic Tawny”
    or perhaps “She, Robot”, then again there’s
    always “Tawny, the Musical” !!!


  2. Holly Smith said:

    Yikes!!! Keep strong girl


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