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It’s Raining Ridiculous

Raining Ridiculous

Ideally, the days before a surgery should probably be a peaceful, relaxing time.  It promotes faster healing to be in a calm state leading up to the day.

Last night, I was not really having that experience.  I felt like I was racing against the clock to get my house in order, get enough stocked in the house for company helping me afterwards, and various other tasks that I don’t feel like I have time to get done.  And I apparently believe I am the only one who can do them.

As I sat there grading my students’ assignments, I was distracted.  I was irritated at the new curriculum and frustrated at the increase of time it was taking me to help my students learn the materials.

Because I was distracted and frustrated, my level of irritation rose higher than it needed to because I became the victim of—get this—the new curriculum.  Are you serious?!

This is what I picked to feel like a victim—the curriculum?  Ha!  I realized it as I was staring and grumbling at a blank page that had no words.  The words that did find their way to the page reminded me that I can often be ridiculous when I am trying to avoid the real issues.

I decided that my frustration with the assignments is more about the fact that they aren’t finished yet and I am very tired.  I have a lot on my plate so I am often told lately, so maybe I can cut myself a little slack.

By the time I finished, I also let go of the expectation that everything will be in order before Thursday morning.  Actually, I decided it didn’t matter at all.  If it bothers you when you come to help or to visit, then you can take care of it!


Comments on: "It’s Raining Ridiculous" (6)

  1. If you can pull sanity out of adversity like that, you’ve already won the game of life!


  2. we are all guests – at this banquet – we call life.
    surely we have all heard “try not to take more than you can eat”.

    after we have crossed vast deserts – climbed the steepest slopes –
    and swum the deepest seas, all against the tides :
    we arrive quite hungry! – voracious, in fact!
    at that point it is impossible for us to know how much is right.
    even the smallest amount could fill our shrunken bellies.

    the crime is Not that we have overfilled our platter, but that
    we are forgetting to stop and nibble on the roses along the way!


  3. relax and everything will fall into place. Our thoughts are with you. Heal. Namaste.


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