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Post Surgery Ramblings

I am a bit dopey, but my mind keeps composing a blog, so I had to grab the laptop and type.

The surgery took a bit longer than expected, but my doctor was able to remove all of catheter tubing, anchors, and the pump at the end of it.  I apparently bit my lip during it too, and came out of it with a girdle.The Tawny Girdle

Years ago, I did some research on intrathecal baclofen pumps and ran across studies that included information on why people had their pumps removed.

Back then, I had my Codman pump with no issues.  I couldn’t imagine any reason would be good enough to remove a pump.  The benefits would far outweigh any of those listed in the research, I thought then.

While I was waiting to be wheeled to surgery, I marveled at the shift in my perspective from then to now.  It took a lot of reasons, instead of just one, to decide to remove this Medtronic pump.  And now it is removed.

Let the recovery begin!


Comments on: "Post Surgery Ramblings" (9)

  1. *hugs* Sending you healing thoughts, lovely lady!


  2. What caused you to remove the Medtronic pump?


  3. To a speedy recovery!


  4. Welcome back to the non-bionic world!


  5. Holly Smith said:

    Yea, no more foreign object in your body. Let the healing begin!!


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