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Sunday Sum Up #11

Week #11

This week has been quite an interesting mix of events.  I realized just how well my rehabilitation plan is working for me when I once again found my way up the stairs at the Homeless Emergency Project.  I am thrilled at where I am with the illness symptoms heading into the surgery to remove the Intrathecal Baclofen Pump.

Thursday, the long-awaited surgery to remove the pump actually happened.  As I waited to go into the surgery, I did a mental check to make sure this was indeed what I felt was the best decision.  I had no doubts it was time to let go of the pump.

Apparently, I had relief the moment the catheter tip was removed from my back Thursday because that is what I told the doctor during my surgery.  All of the hardware was removed and I am recovering from the three incisions.  I still have to wear something to keep pressure around my spine in the area where the catheter tip was to prevent a cerebral spinal fluid leak.

I spoke with the doctor and found out that there was a reason I was having so much pain and strange sensations in my back area where the catheter tip went into my spine.  It is nice to have some validation after 2 1/2 years of hearing I shouldn’t be feeling pain or that the burning torso has to be from something else.

Duke and I are taking the week off from the Homeless Emergency Project, but I will still be tending to my classes online while recovering.

The surgery pain seems to be getting slowly better each day!


Comments on: "Sunday Sum Up #11" (4)

  1. Conversing with your doctor during surgery. . . . ?
    You are truly braver than I.
    Thank goodness you are so good-natured,
    we wouldn’t want you to upset him.
    I vote for a chapter just about that.


    • I asked what I said because really…who can know what I’ll say under the influence of thigh light anesthesia. When the Medtronic pump was implanted, I asked for a smiley faced scar!


    • Oh, and the book that is written doesn’t include much after the pump. Main focus is losing everything and living next door to my clients. :-). Next book!


      • Surely, I will find it interesting reading.
        There are perspectives in life that we will
        never have again, i.e. the ‘First time . .
        . whatever . . . occurred.’ – – –
        You will never regret having documented
        events that can help others find their way
        on that rocky road.


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