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Unmiserable Monday

Me and Amore

Me and Amore

At about 6 a.m. Sunday, I moved in my sleep and let out a squawk or a moan or something that woke me up.  It was a toss-up which incision was hurting the most.  My vote was on the right side of my tummy, but movement away from that one hurt the back incision and the left side of my tummy.

It was the second night I didn’t have to take pain medications in the middle, but also the second morning I woke up in more pain than the pain medication could manage quickly after taking them.  Sunday’s additional pain was my fault.

Saturday, I chose to sit up with and enjoy my visitors.  I made the choice.  It wasn’t expected or necessary for them, but I wanted to.  I enjoyed them.  I cannot say that I enjoyed Sunday much and missed out on visitors as a result.

I grounded myself to my bed and had trouble getting comfortable in any position.  I was cranky with my friends and really didn’t enjoy the Tawny who appeared from pain yesterday.

To add insult to my surgery recovery, I also seem to be having a sinus problem that is making my head and face hurt in addition to everything else.  The side effects from the pain medication is doing me no favors either.

None of any of that is reason to be cranky, however.  At least not from my perspective.  I will let yesterday’s crankiness go, but in true Tawny fashion, I have to better manage that as the week of healing continues.  It is hard for me to fathom being cranky when I couldn’t be more grateful that I am being taken care of so well.

If misery is optional, then I clearly chose misery yesterday for part of the afternoon.  Perhaps you might think I am entitled to choose that now and again, and I could even make a case where it is ok.  The problem with that is that it isn’t me.  It isn’t me to feel like screaming “Everybody out!”  It isn’t comfortable and I am not a fan.

It is Monday for all of us.  Anyone care to join me in choosing gratitude over misery, as we head into our week?


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  1. Choosing gratitude is often my preferred choice but there’s a time and place for wallowing in misery, too. Not forever, not for long, but just enough to enhance the gratitude that emerges later. Of course, wallowing in physical pain seems to make my pain worse.


    • I couldn’t agree more with you David! Wallowing seems to make everything worse for me, so I get frustrated with myself when I find myself there and act out as a result!


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