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Daydreams and Drama


Sometimes I wish I could capture all of the thoughts that run through my head.  Sometimes I am very happy that I cannot.

Yesterday afternoon’s brain activity was all over the place.  I was thinking about everything from wondering how my incisions would feel if I tried to shave my legs, counting down the days to a real shower, how awesome it is to not be having the setbacks with mobility after surgery, to the types of dramas we all tend to write our life stories around.

I thought about how it seems so normal to wrap our lives around the drama at our work or in our homes.  The dramas around the story of our physical health, mental health, our family members’ health, and any other possible story lines came to mind.

I wondered what it might be like to begin writing the next chapter of my life with my physical health not as the primary drama.  For many years, it was merely a background issue in the story of my day-to-day life.  What if taking care of my health and well-being is just what I do as part of my daily routine, not because it is necessary because of some evolving drama of illness or chronic pain?

Maybe I want the dramatic parts of my life to include those moments of inspiration I have when I am working with clients or interacting with students. Maybe I want them to revolve around love stories and sharing a perspective that might shift how you perceive the drama in your world.

Maybe I only want illness to be the obstacle that has inspired me to figure out the approach that will make the most impact in the world around me.  No more, no less.

After spinning all of this around in my head for a couple of hours, I decided I don’t want my life to only revolve around one thing, one person or situation.  I want it to revolve around what makes me feel more love, more compassion, more gratitude, and more inspiration.  What I let into the next chapter will revolve around these.  Perhaps wellness will be a given.

Sounds pretty lofty and Pollyanna, doesn’t it?  It made for a nice afternoon laying around with my favorite Duke continuing to recover from surgery.

Then I remembered something I wrote a few years ago.  I can write what happens next to unfold any way I want.  It can include anything I want.  This is my story after all.


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  1. Looking back (as it is now February 2017), at all of ‘The Tawny’ blogs that I was fortunate to read, I suspect that this is my favorite. You have given yourself permission to not only move forward, but outward, as well. You have certainly taken more than your share of ‘hits’ over the past few years. I haven’t seen a new ‘Tawny’ blog since august 2016. Just hope this message finds you well. Would be happy to see you as less linear and more well-rounded. Moving not just forward but filling in all those other facets as you go. I.E. “Tawny the Artiste” as she rivals the Masters for ‘Technique’ alone. or perhaps “Tawny the Anthropologist” studying the ‘gorillas in the mist’s’ of backwoods Clearwater. You have many friends out here in cyberspace, the kind that you can never loose. If I’m lucky, you might let me know how you are doing (in the moment). Been mostly off line these past 2 years, but I managed to keep the same address.


  2. You may not have recorded all those thoughts and dreams for posterity,
    but you certainly have retained their overall spirit and message.

    Intro: ” Pollyanna Sets the Tone ! ” / ” Pollyanna Raises the Bar ! ”

    To impact the world is an awesome responsibility.

    Write what you love and care about and you will capture
    the imagination and passions of your audience as well.


  3. Keep in mind, your thoughts have profound effects on every cell in your body; I’d go with lofty and Pollyanna! 🙂


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