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Sum Up Sunday #12

Week 13

This is the first week in all of my life that I felt like a princess.  That feels worth noting first.  It has been quite a challenge for me to be still and let someone else bring me what I need.  It has been a challenge lying around seemingly doing nothing while Mr. Awesome or someone else does something for me.

I feel like I have risen to the challenge of allowing my body time to heal.  I feel like I have surrendered to being a princess.

Except that I probably could have done better.  I became frustrated easily that I was still having incision pain.  I tried hard to focus on the cuteness and good things right in front of me.  I was pretty successful at letting the cuteness prevail.

Although I could have done better.

I always think I could have done better.  I still am pleased that I could lay in my bed for as long as I have laid in my bed in the past nine days.  Yes, I have tested the limits.  I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be walking around the house as well as I am, were it not for my need to test those limits.

My PLS symptoms remain manageable even though I cannot do my regular physical therapy routine.  I am happy about that and proud of my efforts throughout the long and dramatic decreasing of the doses.

Today makes ten days since I had my intrathecal baclofen pump removed.  I can feel where the catheter tubing was pulled from around my body and I can feel where the pump pocket is healing.  I am sure the incisions are healing because they are itching and burning.

I am ready to skip past the next part of the healing process, but I guess I have to choose to participate in that as much as I have chosen to do anything lately.  Tuesday is my follow-up appointment to find out how my incisions are coming along.

I survived week one of recovery and so did my friends and Mr. Awesome, so I think it is ok.   I have tried to learn a bit from week one, but I will keep you posted on how well I apply those lessons in week two!


Comments on: "Sum Up Sunday #12" (7)

  1. I wish the same for you, my friend. Hope you had a good day.:)


  2. I read a few of your posts and plan to read more. You are very inspirational. I’m really struggling to get myself back to that point, but I will. Hearing from people like you and reading your posts are very helpful. I hope you continue to improve and get the best out of life despite your limitations. You sound like a real “fighter.”
    Peace and Hugs,
    Tammy 🙂


    • Thank you Tammy! Not to worry, when you have gotten what you need from where you are, you will move forward. You will grow through this! Namaste and many hugs!


      • I sure hope so because I’m in such a low place right now. I’m not always like this, but this flare has been going on for 6 weeks, as of tomorrow. That’s a long time and it gets very frustrating when I’m going along and doing pretty good, then “BOOM” knocked right back down. HUGS right back at ya.
        Peace 🙂


        • That is a long time and it is so hard to see beyond the pain and symptoms after a point. You are looking and reaching out beyond them and I know that is what will help the most. Wise mind is on it from what I can tell. Keep writing…wise mind will find you in the words. Big hugs!


        • Thank you so much for your support and kind words. It’s people like you that make a difference in the lives of others. Big Hugs!
          Peace 🙂


        • Be well my friend!


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