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Don’t Overdo It

I wish I had started counting when my first friend said, “Don’t overdo it.”  I know I heard it more a dozen times, including from everyone I saw at the Homeless Emergency Project (HEP) while Duke and I were there yesterday.

It is heartwarming to have people who care about me, and want to try to protect me from my driven, test-the-limits little self.

Given I hadn’t done much of anything since the surgery, anything I would do yesterday would likely be overdoing it.  So, yes, I probably did overdo it.  Was it horrible?  Nope.

It was pretty wonderful actually.  Even though I was technically only gone for one full week, it felt like I was trying to catch up on weeks worth of activity from staff and residents.  Duke couldn’t have been better at his job, nor could he have been more excited to go to work.

I opted not to use the power wheelchair there to toodle around HEP’s campus because we were only going two locations.  I counted it as physical therapy for my legs since they haven’t gotten to do much in a couple of weeks.

I did not try the stairs because that would have been overdoing it.  I was trying to comply with the not overdoing it advice.  Honest.  I did get tired, ouchy, and crashed when I got home, but I was just happy to be able to make it from place to place upright with the cane.  I was rocking it.

Before I could answer the question, “How are you feeling?” people were commenting about how good I looked.  I said thank you, but was wondering what was so dramatic about how I looked.  Duke and I were matching in red and I was wearing a belt that matched no part of my outfit.

As I was waiting on my friend to come back to pick me up to leave, one of the staff helped me to better understand what all this “you look great” was about.

I shared that I didn’t have a burning torso for two days, so the only pain I was dealing with was from my incisions.  She said, “That pain showed on your face and that is what seems so different about you today.”

OH!  That makes sense.  I am not sure anyone else could have put their finger on it like that.  Maybe no one really noticed my belt not matching after all because of the relief all over my face.


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