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Summing It Up Sunday #13

Sunday Catch Up 13

I am happy to report that my surgery recovery is going well and life is returning to its new normal around here.  Week two of recovery from the removal of the intrathecal pump went well, in spite of my body probably not being quite ready to do all that I did in week two.

My focus in the past week has been on trusting the process and trusting the plan as I get back into the business of living and working.  I shared more about the rationale for my plan and that each part of the plan has science at its core this week.

Trusting the process became a challenge when the burning torso returned after having been gone for a while.  I seem to have that burning nerve pain all around my torso for a couple of days and then don’t have it for a couple of days.  It is puzzling really and the only thing I know for sure is that being hot makes it worse.  An ice pack can trick my brain for some relief most of the time, however.

I didn’t have it Tuesday or Wednesday.  I went to the doctor for my follow up on Tuesday and then Duke and I returned to work on Wednesday.  Working without being my own radiant heater was pretty awesome.  I had more energy, I was more focused and Duke and I ambled about the campus instead of using the power wheelchair.

In fact, I felt so good that I let someone who needed the chair more than I did use the chair.  Then the burning torso returned Thursday afternoon and I had it through Friday evening.  It was disappointing.

Working Friday at HEP with the burning torso was more of a challenge, but that is how I have worked since 2011 with the Medtronic Pump.  It isn’t a new thing.

But the contrast in how I felt Wednesday versus Friday was maddening for me.  I honestly know that there is a possibility that the nerve pain won’t leave entirely.  I choose to not focus on that possibility. I know what it feels like to not have it and that is what I choose to be possible as I continue to heal.  It is a constant battle in my head to remember the latter.

Remembering that is my challenge for week three of recovery.  While I still feel like a princess, I am a more independent princess as this week ends and next week begins.  I get to start back in the pool later in the week and start building back up my time on the stationary bike.

I have no complaints about how week two of recovery has gone.  I am ready to get back to the more active parts of the plan in the week ahead.


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  2. Holly Smith said:

    So glad to hear all this! You go girl, you have worked so hard on preparing for all of this and you are kicking ass.


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