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Inspire Me

Inspire me

The smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the kitchen as you try desperately to wake up.  It is no ordinary day, but probably has become just another dreadful Monday.

It is true for most people who work the traditional Monday through Friday.  Waking up and getting moving on Monday seems drastically more difficult than it does on Friday.

Besides the caffeinated beverage, the kids, or your hungry pets, what does it take to get you moving on whatever your Monday is?

What inspires or motivates you on your most difficult day of the week?

I ask mostly because I often try to ask myself the same question.  In my introductory psychology course last week, we covered the many motivational theories that the field of psychology has developed to try to explain why humans do what we do.  My students finally understood by the end of the week that there is never just one thing that gets us going.

My point is always that humans have many levels of reasons for doing what we do.  It is never as simple as one thing or even two things.  If you tried to isolate one main reason you have your job, your partner, your car or your outfit, you probably could, but you would have trouble just sharing one.

Most of us aren’t even aware of all the reasons we do what we do.  We think we are, but generally we miss the reasons that drive us the most.  (Incidentally, advertisers aren’t as unaware as we are.)

I have been told that I am an inspiration on several occasions lately.  I have given hope and motivation to continue through difficulty or struggles.  While I am honored by that, it does make me wonder who and what inspires me.  What is it that keeps me going when no one would blame me for stopping?

Why won’t I stop while I am ahead instead of pushing further to grow and get better?  Why do I seek to better understand why I do what I do (and then share that)?

I do not know exactly.  For 12 years now, I can say it is my dogs, but I know it isn’t that simple.  I also know that stopping for me isn’t an option—unless it is just to stop long enough to catch my breath.  Perhaps many years ago that was a conscious choice, but I am not sure.  Do I have something inside of me that propels me forward in spite of everything else?  I seriously doubt it.

What I do know is that we are mirrors for one another in this life.  What you see in me is something that you see in you and visa versa.  This is easiest to point out when someone doesn’t like something about someone, but more of a challenge to get you to believe it when it is a positive reflection.

This makes you your inspiration, doesn’t it?   Perhaps you don’t believe me.  That’s ok.  😉

Remember my When I See You, I See Me post?


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  1. Cameron Von St James said:

    Hey I have a quick question about your blog, could you email me when you have a chance? Thanks! –Cam


  2. I see your point about using others as a sneaky way of finding inspiration in ourselves. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think it’s a little more other-focused. My life, as I’m in the middle of it, doesn’t seem to exciting/inspiring. I see each used tissue, each awkward moment, each cooking spill. In others, I get to see just the cool part, the triumph or courage. Plus, when I’m doing something that looks like courage, I’m just feeling fear. When others do the same, it’s courageous. I think the otherness and distance is sometimes required to get the USDA dose of inspiration.


    • Hi David,
      I always enjoy it when you share your perspective! It is so true that when we are in the front seat of our own lives, it seems unexciting and ordinary. We cannot possibly see what someone else can see from their vantage point, which is why we can be so helpful for one another in that way. If I share what I see about you, it helps me learn more about myself and visa versa.


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